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The human body has a number of self-regulatory, or homeostatic, mechanisms.

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A third, older, theory (the or fission, theory) speculates that the Moon originated out of Earth itself. The Pacific Ocean basin has often been mentioned as the place from which protolunar matter may have been torn—the result, perhaps, of the rapid spin of a young, molten Earth. Indeed, there are some chemical similarities between the matter in the Moon's outer mantle and that in Earth's Pacific basin. However, this theory offers no solution to the fundamental mystery of how Earth could possibly have been spinning so fast that it ejected an object as large as our Moon. Also, computer simulations indicate that the ejection of the Moon into a stable orbit simply would not have occurred. As a result, the daughter theory, in this form at least, is no longer taken seriously.

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She is also the originator of the theory that the eukaryotic cell arose by endosymbiotic cell capture - this was a radical idea that has become widely accepted, thereby giving Margulis a high degree of credibility.

Term capture theory of regulation Definition: Control of a regulatory agency by those entities, usually the businesses of a particular industry, that the agency is designed to regulate. Those industries subject to economic regulation that is intended to protect the public interest (consumers) invariably find it beneficial to exert influence over the regulatory agency. One common way of doing this is to have former or future employees in the industry "temporarily" work for the regulatory agency.

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Computer simulations of such a catastrophic event show that most of the bits and pieces of splattered Earth could have coalesced into a stable orbit. Figure 8.26 shows some of the stages of one such calculation. If Earth had already formed an iron core by the time the collision occurred, then the Moon would indeed have ended up with a composition similar to that of Earth's mantle. During the collision, any iron core in the impacting object itself would have been left behind in Earth, eventually to become part of Earth's core. Thus both the Moon's overall similarity to that of Earth's mantle and its lack of a dense central core are naturally explained. Over the past decade, planetary scientists have come to realize that collisions such as this probably played very important roles in the formation of all the terrestrial planets.

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states that the temperature and composition of the Earth's atmosphere are actively regulated by the sum of life on the planet" (Sagan and Margulis, 1983).