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We say that plants can photosynthesise. These are the things that plants need for photosynthesis: These are the things that plants make by photosynthesis: We can show photosynthesis in a word equation, where light energy is shown in brackets because it is not a substance: carbon dioxide + water (+ light energy)glucose + oxygen Plants get carbon dioxide from the air through their leaves, and water from the ground through their roots.

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I have koi in outside fish ponds. At times during the long summer days there is an occurrence called an algae bloom where the water in the pond becomes filled with very small suspended algae. During the day there is no problem with the respiration of the koi that I have in the pond… but because the algae use up so much available oxygen during the night and do not add any O2 to the water…my koi in the very early morning hours before the sunlight starts photosynthesis of the algae run out of the amount of oxygen they need for respiration and are forced to breathe atmospheric O2 at the surface of the pond! They gasp for O2 out of the water from the atmosphere where there is enough available for them to survive. My point is in water ponds there is a semi closed environment where plants can use up so much oxygen at night that they force the fish to get their oxygen elsewhere. When days become shorter the algae bloom will naturally diminish if I wait it out and do not do massive water changes or resort to killing the floating algae with a chemical plant killer algaecide that will not kill my fish if used in the proper doses. Plants do use O2 at night and do not give off any O2 in darkness!

I heard something called CAM photosynthesis, or Crassulacean-Acid metabolism in which the stomata in the leaves of certain plants open at night to minimize water loss. CO2 is acquired at this time, and stored in vacuoles as malate.

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Many succulent plants also have a modified way of conducting photosynthesis. Other plants open their stomates during the day to take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Many succulents, however, keep their stomates closed during the heat of the day and open them in the coolness of the night to take in carbon dioxide, which they store until the next day.

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Survive without photosynthesis at a philosophical scale: probably not as most molecules of sugars, which we have on earth, had required photosynthesis for their generation

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Very soon after, more pieces of the puzzle were found by two chemists working in Geneva. Jean Senebier, a swiss pastor, found that "fixed air" (CO2) was taken up during photosynthesis, and Theodore de Saussure discovered that the other reactant necessary was water. The final contribution to the story came from a German surgeon, Julius Robert Mayer (right), who recognised that plants convert solar energy into chemical energy. He said:

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These items will allow the students to see that chlorophyll is essential for plant growth and without it plants cannot survive. The mutant corn seeds lack chlorophyll which will not allow them to sustain life. Students will also understand how light helps plants store energy needed for growth. It is hard for students to understand photosynthesis because they only see the end result-which is a green healthy tree or plant. These items will provide them with the chance to see and measure how long it takes for plants to expire without chlorophyll. Students will have a better understanding of the processes a plant goes through to survive and reproduce and what is needed to help plants thrive in their environment.

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My students love to come to Science class because of the experiments they put together and see the results for themselves. They not only read about it-they actually do it. Our school is in a rural area that serves many farm and industrial families. This leaves little time or money for other life skills.