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Callose synthesis in other tissues ..

(1998), Localization of components of the oxidative cross-linking of glycoproteins and of callose synthesis in papillae formed during the interaction between non-pathogenic strains ofXanthomonas campestris andFrench bean mesophyll cells.

Synthesis of cellulose or callose is favored byaddition of EGTA or calcium and cellobiose, respectively.

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Numerous enzymes involved in synthesis of plant cell wall biosynthesis have been identified. These include cellulose synthase, callose synthase, xyloglucan biosynthetic enzymes, pectin biosynthetic enzymes, mixed‐linkage glycan synthase and enzymes synthesizing mannans. However, many hundreds of enzymes remain to be identified at the biochemical level.

These findingscontrast with the traditional observation that when UDPglucose is usedas substrate in vitro, callose is the major product synthesized.

Microtubule-callose syndrome
Parallelism of microtubules to callose fibrils and loss of control over fibril orientation following microtubule disruption with propyzamide are characteristics of a “syndrome” that was observed in the glucan synthesis from UDP-glucose in the sheets of the plasma membrane (2).

Ruthenium red and ionophore A 23187, which raise the Ca 21 level in the cytoplasm, induced callose synthesis at the tip of pollen tube.

Callose synthesis in higher plants.

Cellulose synthesis and callose synthesis occurs at the plasma membrane. All other plant cell wall polymers are synthesized within the Golgi and secreted to the cell wall in vesicles.

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Li J, Burton RA, Harvey AJ et al. (2003) Biochemical evidence linking a putative callose synthase gene with (1,3)‐beta‐d‐glucan biosynthesis in barley. Plant Molecular Biology 53: 213–225.

used a transgenic approach in which callose synthesis …

The most chilling-sensitive stage of rice has been found to be at the onset of microspore release. The microsporocytes produce a wall of callose between the primary cell wall and the plasma membrane, and it has been shown that precise regulation of callose synthesis and degradation in anther is essential for fertile pollen formation. In this study, genes for 10 callose synthases in the rice genome were fully annotated and phylogenetically analyzed. Expression analysis of these genes showed that , an ortholog of microsporogenesis-related , was specifically expressed in anthers, and was notably downregulated by cooling treatment. Gene expression profiles of Rho-type small GTP-binding proteins in rice anther were also analyzed. The mechanisms of callose synthesis in rice pollen formation and its relationships with cool tolerance are discussed.

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Cifuentes C, Bulone V, Emons AMC (2010) Biosynthesis of callose and cellulose by detergent extracts of tobacco cell membranes and quantification of the polymers synthesized in vitro. J. Integr. Plant Biol. 52(2), 221–233.