BK Prosthesis— Below Knee Prosthesis

BK Prosthesis— Customized Below Knee Prosthesis

Ossur ProPrio Foot-Customized Transtibial Prosthesis

Nexus software (Vicon). We removed erroneous markers and filtered data using a second-order Butterworth filter with a cutoff frequency of 6 Hz and passed bidirectionally. We calculated kinetic data using a 7-segment biomechanical model developed in Visual3D software (C-Motion Inc; Germantown, Maryland). We compared temporal-spatial (speed, stance percentage, and step length) and kinetic (vertical ground reaction force and ankle, knee, and hip powers) data between prosthetic knee units.

Upper Extremity Prosthesis—Life-Like Hand Covering

Upper Extremity Prosthesis—Myoelectric Arm

Ankle, knee, and hip power (W/kg) during stair descent for servicemembers with transfemoral amputation using C-Leg and Power Knee (representative data from single subject). Foot-off is represented by vertical lines.

Upper Extremity Prosthesis—i-LIMB Bionic Hand

"It’s in between the leg I wear every day and prior to amputation," Vawter . "It’s a dramatic improvement over my current prosthetic, but there is still a long way to go."

Artificial arms, legs, and feet for all amputation types & activity levels

Zac Vawter's bionic leg lets him walk up stairs...

A "pigtail" charging port adapter permits the relocation of thecharging port to a location more accessible when the prosthesis hasa cosmetic cover applied. The charger cord has lights that allowthe user to observe the level of charge when connected to the knee.A 12 volt car charger adapter can also be purchased.

1.) The C-Leg Compact, At a Glance

The microprocessor also records information concerning themotion of the amputee that can be downloaded onto a computer andanalyzed. This information allows the user to make better use ofthe prosthetic.

2.) History of the C-Leg Compact

The C-Leg prosthetic knee lets your patients live more actively and independently, reclaiming the things that make life fuller and more fulfilling.

4.) Working With A Prosthetist in Your Area

The C-Leg provides certain advantages over conventionalmechanical knee prostheses. It provides an approximation to anamputee’s natural gait. The C-Leg allows amputees to walk at nearwalking speed. Variations in speed are also possible and are takeninto account by sensors and communicated to the microprocessor,which adjusts to these changes accordingly. It also enables theamputees to walk down stairs with a step-over-step approach, ratherthan the one step at a time approach used with mechanicalknees.The C-Leg’s ability to respond to sensor readings can help amputeesrecover from stumbles without the knee buckling.

C-Leg 4 above knee prosthetic leg — Ottobock USA

According to Goldfarb, it was tough to make the prosthetic light and quiet enough. In particular, it was difficult to fit the powerful motors and drive train that they needed into the volume available. The biggest technical challenge, however, was to develop the control system.

How the C-Leg Works Ottobock ..

Every iteration of the C-Leg continually improves on the control strategies that enable real time adaptation to the wearer’s gait, changes in surface, or speed, even when traversing unstable ground, stairs, or ramps. Thanks to the speed at which stance phase resistance is adjusted, people who wear the C-Leg experience a reduction in falls and stumbles*, making it easier to navigate crowds and avoid slips on unstable surfaces like sand, grass, or gravel.