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Van Niel was the third important figures of the Delft School of microbiology — Martinus W.

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However, when Van Niel arrived in Carmel, California, he was immediately impressed by the charm of the town, and the beautiful site the Jacques Loeb Laboratory.

Esther Lederberg was one of C. B. van Niel's accomplished students, as was Allan Campbell.

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Dr. van Niel (1897-1985) took his doctorate at the Technical University, Delft, in 1928. He joined Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station in 1929 as Associate Professor of Microbiology and in 1946 was appointed Herzstein Professor of Biology. His honors included two Guggenheim Fellowships (1946 and 1954) and the National Medal of Science in 1964. He retired from the Marine Station in 1962. From 1964 to 1968 he taught at U.C. Santa Cruz as a visiting professor. His research was concerned mainly with photosynthesis, photosynthetic bacteria, and bacterial taxonomy.

In 1961, Van Niel and Stanier defined the procaryotes as cells in which the nuclear material (nucleoplasm) is not surrounded by a nuclear membrane.

Van Niel (1931) : Photosynthesis is essentially a light dependent reaction in which hydrogen from an oxidisable compound reduces CO to formsugar.

Through extensive study, Van Niel concluded that radiant energy activates the hydrogen donors instead of carbon dioxide.

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Scientists later confirmed van Niel's hypothesis by using a heavy isotope of oxygen (18O) as a tracer to follow oxygen's fate during photosynthesis.

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Van Niel loved his job continued his study and never intended to leave even later when he was offered the Chair of the Kluyver professorship of his Alma Mater.

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Van Niel, arrived at the Jacquez Loeb Laboratory of the Hopkins Marine Station belonging to Stanford University and located on the Monterey Peninsula, California.

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Cornelis Bernardus (Kees) van Niel (November 4, 1897, Haarlem – March 10, 1985, Carmel, California) was a Dutch-American microbiologist. He introduced the study of general microbiology to the United States and made key discoveries explaining the chemistry of .

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In 1923, Cornelis van Niel married Christina van Hemert, graduated in chemical engineering at Delft University and became an assistant to Albert Jan Kluyver, who had initiated the field of comparative biochemistry. In 1928 he wrote his PhD dissertation ('The Propionic Acid ') after which he left for the United States to continue his work at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University.

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The current concept of photosynthesis is that a special type of chlorophyll (rather than water) is considered the source of the light-generated oxidizing and reducing agent Van Niel also made many other contributions to photosynthesis.