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For surgeries to implant breast prostheses in a hospital inpatient setting, you pay the .

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You pay 20% of the  for the doctor's services and the external breast prostheses. The Part B  applies.

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Mastectomy bras, mastectomy swimwear and breast prostheses, plus lingerie and strappy tops. Large online shop plus advice pages. UK based.

The Prosthesis Fitting Clinic is held at Peterborough City Hospital (PCH) on the Women's Health Ward every Thursday. This can be accessed by self-referral for ladies who have had prosthesis provided for by the Trust after breast surgery.

Mastectomy bras, mastectomy swimwear and breast prostheses, plus lingerie and strappy tops. Large online shop plus advice pages. UK based.

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If you don't want to wear a you might want to consider an attachable prosthesis. Also called a contact prosthesis, these have adhesive strips or Velcro tabs, which allow you to attach your prosthesis directly onto your body. This kind of prosthesis will move with you, and it can be worn with a regular bra. Contact prostheses come in full-breast sizes and partial breast shapes.

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A non-silicone breast prosthesis may be made of foam rubber, fiberfill or cotton. These are lighter in weight than silicone prostheses and can be worn as soon as you'd like after a mastectomy. If you are , this kind of prosthesis may be for you. A non-silicone breast prosthesis doesn't have the weight and drape of a real breast, but it is cooler to wear and less expensive than silicone.

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Remember playing with water-filled balloons? Kids still throw them at each other during hot weather. Water balloons, water or gelatin-filled condoms, and balloons filled with silicon caulking material have also been used to create breast forms. These kinds of breast prostheses may not last very long, as they can puncture and leak rather easily. But, they may be the least expensive option you can create.

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There are special camisoles that have pockets to hold your prosthesis and drainage bulbs. These are great options for while you are recovering from breast surgery. These offer comfort, security (no dangling drain bulbs) and modesty. A pocket camisole will help you feel attractive as well as comfortable as you heal.

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Whether you choose to have or use , a mastectomy bra offers a lot of comfort immediately following surgery. Mastectomy bras also have soft inner linings and special pockets to accommodate your prosthesis. A camisole-style bra or a full cup mastectomy bra provides much-needed comfort and security after breast surgery.