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Circulating tumor cells (CTCs detection methods and their clinical relevance in breast cancer.

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The Breast Cancer Society of Canada (BCSC) is pleased to announce Westside Secondary School, in Orangeville, Ontario is the top fundraiser for the 2017 Dress for the Cause.

The Use of Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Caring for Patients with Cancer.

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Dress for the Cause, supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month, has raised more than $8.8 Million for Canadian breast cancer research. From across Canada, companies, schools and organizations participate in Dress for the Cause by hosting local, individual fundraising events.

None of this would have been possible without the continued support of the TBCRU and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

Support researchers like Bart and others by considering a donation to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Find out how you can help fund life-saving research, visit

The Netherlands Cancer Institute, for more than 100 years at the international forefront of cancer research and treatment.

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Milica has done a lot of genomics work to look at the targets of TBX3. She hopes to find something that can be used to predict the probability of breast cancer advancement from Stage 0 (when cancer cells remain within their original location) to Stage I: “We are trying to find out those molecular changes that occur when breast cancer goes from the non-invasive to invasive stage. TBX3 can be thought of as a ‘master regulator’ influencing gene expression within a cancer cell. If we understand the way TBX3 promotes cancer progression through these transcriptional changes, it allows us to stratify patients into risk groups and treat these patients accordingly.”

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Approximately 16% of patients with low grade DCIS and about 60% with the high grade will progress to invasive cancer, but these patients are all receiving identical treatment. “Lots of studies have reported that several patients with early breast cancer are actually over-treated. They are going through difficult, invasive and expensive treatment they don’t need. If we succeed with our research, there will be the possibility to treat those patients who really need the therapy and prevent them from progressing to deadly cancers.”

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During the experimental part of her research, Milica has worked with two variants of TBX3. “These are two different isoforms. Before I started the experiments, there was no knowledge of any differences between these two variants. In fact, there is a drastic difference between them that can be directly linked to functional differences, and has been validated using clinical patient data as well. I hope that in about six months the results of my experiments will be published.”

Breast cancer research paper introduction

“I have faced a lot of challenges over the past couple of years. The end of the PhD is the hardest stage. The experiments that I do need to be very critically thought out. Everything needs to have a purpose, so I can tie up all of the loose ends. I am currently focusing on publishing the multiple stories I’ve been working on throughout my studies. The excellent thing about research is that the deeper you dive into the topic, the more research questions arise that encourage me to go further, the more exciting the story gets.”