Camera work is used in a manipulative way in Bowling for Columbine.

Michael Moore's documentary,

Bowling for Columbine is Moore's best movie

Moore follows a statement inwhich James Nichols (brother of Terry Nichols, one of the convicted perpetratorsof the Oklahoma City bombing) says that America is not the kind of country toseek revenge* with a montage of US involvement throughout theworld, including the forgotten fact that the CIA trained Osama bin Laden tofight the Soviets, and ending with an image of the 9/11 attacks.

A major theme in Bowling for Columbine is that the NRA is coldhearted towards the killings.

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The title comes from Moore's evident fascination with the disclosure that on the morning of the massacre, the two young mass-murders went bowling (that quintessential All-American recreational activity) before going off to school to slaughter their schoolmates.

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We then move on to the general issue of the climate of fear of the Bush administration after September 11, with gun sales and burglar alarms skyrocketing, the conclusion (which is really the conclusion of the film as a whole) drawn by Moore being that "A public in fear should not have a lot of guns lying around". Moore then picks up on the Columbine thread, taking two boys crippled by the Columbine shootings to K-Mart, where the bullets were bought, asking K-Mart to stop selling guns and ammunition - and succeeding. The final sequence of the film is Moore's interview with Charlton Heston in his luxurious Beverly Hills mansion. A feeble and bemused Heston is asked to account for the violence of American society, and is confronted with the picture of the six-year-old dead girl from Michigan. The inconclusive interview ends with an irritated Heston walking away. As the credits roll, we are given a sneering rock version of "What a Wonderful World".

Bowling for Columbine won the Academy Award for best documentary film and has stirred up quite a bit of debate amongst its viewers.

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Mockumentaries define itself as “fictional films which parody the forms and conventions of documentary, often for humorous effect” (Bowling for Columbine)....

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Though Hollywood is known to be heavily populated with wealthy Republicans, in the months and weeks leading up to the war in Iraq, it was movie actors and entertainers rather than professional politicians who were the leading opponents of the war. The suggestion is, given the feeble performance of the leading Democratic Party politicians, it is Hollywood rather than Washington DC, which has become the battleground of political ideas in modern America. Into the political ferment surrounding the approaching Iraq war, Moore's `Bowling for Columbine', a highly political documentary on firearms violence was launched and quickly became an unlikely box office hit.

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As the focus of the world crisis shifted to the U.N. Security Council, and France in particular began to be demonized by U.S. politicians and the news media, `Bowling for Columbine' was awarded a special 55th Anniversary prize at the French Cesar awards -- the French equivalent of an Oscar.

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In America public interest in Moore, his movie and book soared. Here in Auckland `Bowling for Columbine' had just completed an already long season, but after a break of a week or so it was back due to public demand, and is still running weeks later. `Bowling for Colmbine' has now earned over US$40 million and has become the biggest grossing documentary of all time.