The Boussinesq hypothesis is used in the Spalart-Allmaras model, the - models, and the - models
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subsequently invoking the “Boussinesq Hypothesis” relating …

Turbulence is said to show characteristics of ahypothetical non-Newtonian fluid, that is, the turbulent transport is acombination of gradient-type and convective-type transport, and theBoussinesq hypothesis concerning the relation between the Reynolds'stresses and the local mean-velocity gradients is not strictly valid.

Boussinesq hypothesis Many turbulence models are based upon the Boussinesq hypothesis ..
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()We re-examine the Boussinesq hypothesis of an effective turbulentviscosity within the context of simple closure considerations for modelsof strong magnetohydrodynamic turbulence.

Turbulence closure can be accomplished either by applying the Boussinesq hypothesis…
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133 p.A modification of the Boussinesq hypothesis is suggested to describeextra memory effects found in some sudden changes of the mean-velocityprofile of turbulence.

The Boussinesq eddy viscosity assumption is also often called the Boussinesq hypothesis or the Boussinesq approximation. See also .
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