Influence of leaders of the Spanish Inquisition C.

This was present in her statement, “What is a whore, I’venever heard the word before.”(Weir 12).

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The exchange was never made, and three Indianhostages were hanged. Cochise began a war and said, "I was at peace withthe whites, until they tried to kill me for what other Indians did; now I liveand die at war with them." He is known to have burned 13 white men alive,tortured 5 to death by cutting small pieces from their feet, and dragged 15 totheir death at the end of a lariat!

Adopted the nick name “Bloody” Mary C.

George Bascom, of the Seventh Cavalry camped near Apache Pass, tried toforce Cochise to return the boy by trying to capture him when he came toBascom's tent to talk.

The Indian will make a treaty in the fall,and in the spring he is again 'upon the war path.' The torch, thescalping-knife, plunder, and desolation follow wherever the Indiangoes,,,,"

His father is an insurance broker and his mother stays at home.

This became a "flash point" for a war that hadbeen brewing for years as incoming settlers clashed with people who hadpossessed the land for generations.

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Army convinced the Yavapai to resettle on apermanent reservation, but because the government supplied inadequate rations,the Yavapai began to raid stagecoaches and wagon trains and isolated settlersand miners. The historic Wickenburg Massacre, November 5, 1871 (a little morethan a year before the Skeleton Cave Massacre,) was west of Wickenburg, not farfrom the Date Creek Reservation where nearly 1,000 Tonto Apache and YavapaiIndians had settled.

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These settlers staked out miningand water-rights claims, raised livestock (mainly cattle) that damagedvegetation and springs, and drove out native animals which the Yavapais usedfor meat.

Here's an attempt to fill in the detailsof this little-known story.

President Grant then had no choice but to order General Crook intobattle, and his winter campaign of 1872-73 began, leading to the tragicSkeleton Cave Massacre.

Looking into the cave, the left side is deeper than theright.

Thediscovery of gold by Henry Wickenburg and the establishment of the Vulture Minedrew miners and ranchers and farmers, who built homes along the HassayampaRiver.

The maximum depthfrom front to back is about 40 feet.

A teamster who escaped described what happened to awounded teamster as, "Tied his head down on wagon wheel, ripping out histongue and built a fire under his face, then took axes, cutting him to pieces.