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Einsatzverfahren mit der Gelkapsel (Blom-Singer Blom-Singer Adjustable Tracheostoma Valve.

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TECHNOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICSThe Blom-Singer Indwelling 2000 Voice Prosthesis is provided for the same indications for useas its predicate devices, the Blom-Singer Indwelling Low Pressure Voice Prosthesis and theProvox 2 Voice Prosthesis.

The Blom-Singer Indwelling 2000 Voice Prosthesis may be placed at the time of surgery or maybe placed at a later date secondary to the laryngectomy.

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PREDICATE DEVICESThe Blom-Singer Indwelling 2000 Voice Prosthesis and its accessory devices are substantiallyequivalent in design and indications for use to the following devices currently in commercialdistribution:- InHealthIndwel1ing Voice Prosthesis, Helix Medical, Carpinteria, CA; K932l2O- Provox2 Voice Rehabilitation System, ATOS Medical AB, Horby, Sweden; K97l244The Blom-Singer Indwelling 2000 Voice Prosthesis Accessory Devices are either /Class Idevices not subject to 510(k) or are substantially equivalent to the following devices:- InHealth Blom-Singer Low Pressure Voice Prosthesis Gel Cap Insertion System, HelixMedical, Carpinteria, CA; K930105 (Inserter Tool and Gel Caps)- InHealth Blom-Singer Flushing Pipet, Helix ‘Medical, Carpinteria, CA; K932163 (FlushingDevice)° InHealth Blom-Singer Indwelling Plug Insert Accessory Device, Helix Medical, Carpinteria,CA; K945288 (Plug Insert)IV.

1994, the Blom-Singer® Classic™ Indwelling Voice Prostheses was introduced to the market.

The Blom-Singer Laryngectomy Tube Flexibly Contours to the Postoperative Tracheal Anatomy by a trained clinician for use with a Blom-Singer voice prosthesis.

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For users of the 16 Fr. prostheses, use an 18 Fr. dilator; for users of the 20 Fr. prostheses, use a 22 Fr. dilator. The Gel Cap Insertion System enables smooth, easy insertion of Blom-Singer Low Pressure Voice Prostheses into the tracheoesophageal passage. A new flushing pipet allows the voice prostheses to remain in the tracheoesophageal passage while performing routine cleaning.

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The Blom-Singer tracheostoma valve as a valuable addition in Surgical and prosthesis-related complications using the Groningen button voice prosthesis.

for use with a Blom-Singer Voice Prosthesis.

A full line of accessory items for Blom-Singer Voice Prostheses facilitates routine care and daily maintenance. The tracheoesophageal puncture dilator prevents the tracheoesophageal passage from closing upon removal of the voice prostheses.

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Available in two styles, Duckbill and Low Pressure, and multiple sizes, Blom-Singer Voice Prostheses are designed to accommodate most anatomies. Custom sizes and side port are available on special order. Insertion sticks and instruction manual included with each prostheses.

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Blom-Singer® voice prostheses are made of a silicone tube and one-way valve which help to maintain an essential passage between the trachea and the esophagus so that voice can be produced.

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INTENDED USEThe Blom-Singer Indwelling 2000 Voice Prosthesis is for voice rehabilitation following totallaryngectomy where placement of the voice prosthesis is done by a clinician.