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TheMoro-zutsumi sword making of a Mantetsu blade
can arrange a core steel ideally

Like the upper photograph, five places of the blade of aKōa-Issin sword were cut.
It is clear that any portion's core steel is regularly containedin the central part in the form of an ideal.
In addition, it can be checked how the skin steel and the coresteel have joined completely with the microphotograph
of a blade section.

As for the blade of a laminate constraction, in a Japanese swordfrom ancient times, it is rare that the core steel is regularlycontained.

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Usually, the actual condition of this blade currentlycalled the
"Mantetsu-tō " will surely sweep away the common saying of aworld.
By the discovered data, I will ask what a Japanese sword is.

It is the structure with a possibility that a blade may break with adoption of a hard Tamahagane devised mainly after the Shin-to.

The swordsmith thought the law of Providence uncontrollable byits ability at the time of a hardening.
The hardening was surely performed with the prayer of aswordsmith.
Mantetsu conquered this difficult hardening by the power ofmodernistic science.
They realized satisfactory blade hardness to the heating furnacewhich controls temperature freely.
This was the epoch-making change of a Japanese sword manufactureprocess same with the idea of a carbon steel pipe skin

Soul Blade


It cannot be called a laminate constraction any longer.

Therefore, a handmade Japanese sword from ancient times was madebyexperience and intuition of a swordsmith Originally, the laminateconstraction was a simple sword making.
In spite of it, it was the consistent sword making that anextraordinary swordsmith imposed serious time and effort, and could berealized barely.
It seems that it is mixed when weld a core and the skin steeltogether.
Therefore, 80-90% of the blade of a laminate constraction hadimperfect distribution of steel.
On such the actual condition, reservation of arms performance isdifficult.

The whole aspect of the Kōa-Issin sword

They did the maximum use of the power of modern science at thismanufacture means.
If the hardness table of a blade is seen, the hardness of aKoa-Issin sword understands the same thing as a Ko-tō.

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By scientific power, the hardness of a Shin-tō or a Shin-Shin-tōwas also reproducible.
However, they dared have chosen the hardness of a Ko-tō.
Mantetsu knew that the Ko-to was most excellent as a Japanesesword.
And they mass-produced the blade of the performance which exceedsan ordinary Japanese sword in the stable quality.

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Next, for research, 2-3 blades of a Japanese sword from ancienttimes were cut, and a picture of the organization of the arrangementjunction to a core steel and a skin steel was taken in the photograph.

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Here was the essence of a "Kōa-Issin sword".
The Kōa-Issin sword is equipped also with theMasame-jihada(grain) and the Hamon of the blade.
The Kōa-Issin sword was the grand trial which Mantetsu riskedprestige and tackled in order to cultivate the world of
a new Japanese sword.