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Biology and biotechnology have emerged as the pre-eminent sciences of our times, impacting society on issues as diverse as environmental deterioration, global warming, energy production, human reproduction, science education and the battles against cancer, pathogens and age-related and genetic diseases. Having a detailed understanding of how biological research is done is becoming increasingly important for making informed decisions about social and political policies as well as for entering into the many biology-related career paths now available. Biology and Biotechnology thesis projects are intended to give Honors-caliber students first hand experience in designing and carrying out biological research on a subject of interest to them. By working in close relation with one or more experienced faculty members, students are also exposed to the collaborative nature of research activity, which is vital to doing innovative and productive science.

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For my research project I was based in the Genetics and Biotechnology Lab, which allowed me the opportunity to learn from and work with passionate scientists whose encouragement and dedication inspired me greatly.

in Biotechnology at NUI Galway gave me the opportunity and confidence needed to move ahead in my career.

Commencement Ceremony in Biotechnology Course was held on Sep. 23. Three ICBiotech students received their Master’s Degree in Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program (English course) from Osaka University.

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Program Overview The Master of Medical Biotechnology is a professional program offered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and provides students.

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On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, Osaka University ASEAN Center for Academic Initiatives Director NIHIRA Takuya (former Director of the International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University) received an honorary doctorate in biotechnology from Mahidol University in Thailand. This doctorate was awarded to Professor Nihira for his numerous contributions to the bioengineering field at Mahidol University.
At the award ceremony, which was held at Mahidol University, the honorary doctorate was bestowed on Prof. Nihira directly by Princess Sirindhorn, who was in attendance in place of King Vajiralongkorn.

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Students are required to complete and submit a thesis proposal with the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Timeline, and References. The introduction must place the proposed research in a broader theoretical or conceptual context and explain why the research is important in terms of theory, application and/or generation of new knowledge. It must also describe what is currently well established in the broader area, identify unanswered questions that relate to the proposed research, and indicate how the proposed research will answer those questions or fill in a gap in our knowledge. The introduction should finish by explicitly stating the hypothesis or question being addressed (or the objectives of the research), and if appropriate, providing predictions of objectives or tests. The methods section should describe the methods in sufficient detail for committee members to evaluate their adequacy, feasibility and appropriateness for the tasks in question. This section should also provide details on data analysis, including statistical tests. The timeline should outline when major aspects of the research will be accomplished and when writing will commence. Biology and Biotechnology thesis proposals are generally at least 1250 words long, and have a minimum of 7 references to scientific journal articles, review articles, and scientific texts, which must be properly cited and referenced. The writing style must be polished and free of typos. A fully revised version of this proposal must be received and approved by the faculty advisor and committee members and submitted to the Honors office by the Monday of the last week of classes of the BIO 499A term (or the end of summer session for students who do BIO 499A in summer session).