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Biocatalysts In Organic Synthesis by Ján Halga ..

This Advanced Course is aimed at professionals (MSc, PhD or equivalent experience) in biochemical engineering, organic chemistry, fermentation technology, biochemistry or microbiology with a basic working knowledge of the other disciplines. The course is primarily aimed at those already employed in industry who wish to update their theoretical knowledge and practical insight in this field. In addition, this Advanced Course is an option in the two-year postgraduate programs of Delft University of Technology.

Enzymes in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Volume 12 - …

Y. Asano
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Raw Material Data Handbook, Vol.1: Organic Solvents, 1974.

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Short-Chain Flavor Ester Synthesis in Organic Media …

France, Scott P.; Hussain, Shahed; Hill, Andrew M.; Hepworth, Lorna J.; Howard, Roger M.; Mulholland, Keith R.; Flitsch, Sabine L.; Turner, Nicholas J. “One-Pot Cascade Synthesis of Mono- and Disubstituted Piperidines and Pyrrolidines using Carboxylic Acid Reductase (CAR), ω-Transaminase (ω-TA), and Imine Reductase (IRED) Biocatalysts”. ACS Catalysis (2016), 6(6), 3753-3759.

Influence of Organic Solvents on Catalytic Behaviors …

The Advanced Course Biocatalysis aims to familiarize participants with the integrated, interdisciplinary approach required to utilize the catalytic potential of enzymes and whole cells for the production of useful compounds. Organic chemists, enzymologists, microbiologists and (bio)chemical engineers from the faculty staff of Delft University of Technology and other universities, together with invited international experts from industry, will offer a selection of theory and practice. In this way, the course will provide an intensive and in-depth treatment of the state of the art and the necessary link between fundamental knowledge and practical applications in industrial scale processes. This course was held for the 15th time in 2016.

Influence of Organic Solvents on Catalytic Behaviors and ..

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Organic Industrial Award Lecture - Directed Evolution …

Ahmed, Syed T.; Parmeggiani, Fabio; Weise, Nicholas J.; Flitsch, Sabine L.; Turner, Nicholas J. “Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Optically Pure L- and D-Biarylalanines through Biocatalytic Asymmetric Amination and Palladium-Catalyzed Arylation” ACS CATALYSIS. 5(9); 5410 – 5413. – SEP 2015