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The treatment options for patients with this condition are very few. Non-constraint conventional shoulder replacement; either resurfacing or stemmed hemiarthroplasty would provide them with pain relieve but no improvement of active motion and in cases of antero-superior escape will fail to improve their stability. Bi-polar hemiarthroplasty will probably do the same. The only option to improve these patients range of motion is by using a semi-constrained prosthesis with reversed geometry design, which allows the deltoid muscle to function better and improve the shoulder mobility. All designs of reversed shoulder prosthesis in the 70s have failed due to their excessive lateralisation of centre of rotation causing increased toque on the implant-bone interface of the glenoid component leading to glenoid loosening. Professor Grammonts idea of medialisation of centre of rotation towards the face of the glenoid and tensioning the glenoid muscle inferiorly has shown to be successful.

maude adverse event report: biomet orthopedics ringloc bi-polar acetabular cup 28mm i.d. / 51 mm o.d. prosthesis, hip

The bi-polar artificial thigh-bone with a long handle is composed of a thigh-bone handle prosthesis, a thigh-bone small ball and a bi-polar thigh-bone outer cap, wherein the top end of the thigh-bone handle prosthesis can be tightly embedded with a metal thigh-bone ball prosthesis.

The bi-articular hip prosthesis (BHP), based on an original design by Bateman, is a bi-polar hemi-arthroplasty which seeks to reduce acetabular wear.