Free, Open JTalk is a Japanese text-to-speech synthesis system.

So, let see the list of the free and open source text-to-speech tools for e-Learning.

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Our thought in including audio is that as soon as speech begins to be affected by the disease, patients can record commonly used expressions in their own voice. The pre-recorded expressions in the patient's own voice can later be intermixed with phrases that are keyed and "spoken" in the computer's synthetic voice. One pre-recorded expression might be an explanation of why your voice sounds different from one statement to the next.
Audio phrases need not be the patient's own voice. They can be the voice of a family member or of a friend. Indeed, they need not be spoken. One possibility is a rendition of Happy Birthday or something of that ilk. Or a musical treat, or just plain noise, to announce that you have something profound and/or provocative to say. Hey, we had to include something for people who have already become anarthric, the fancy word for people who can't speak. Dad found that his trumpet fanfares and assorted noises were quite valuable for getting the attention of a group.

Readthewords is an online text to speech reader that supports various of voices.

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A computer system used for this purpose is called a speech synthesizer, and Speech Synthesis Free - Free Download Speech Synthesis 0 TTS Developers Kit is your complete Embedded Speech Synthesis or Text To Speech Circuit Hangman Pro for Mac OS; is a free scientific software program for Speech Synthesis (Microsoft.Speech) contains classes that allow you to initialize and configure a speech synthesis engine, Trial software.

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Another online text to voice converter and text to mp3 converter. vozMe enables users to add a speech synthesis bookmarlet to the browser, just drag and drop the bookmarklet to the toolbar to install it, select any text in the browser( e.g. Firefox, Chrome ) and press the bookmarklet to listen to the text.

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3. Verbally - Uses text to speech plus prepared words and phrases. I downloaded the free one and it works great for my purposes on my iPad. They do have a Premium one for sale. This is simple to use and is ready as soon as you touch the icon, keyboard and all.

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Praat is a free scientific software program for the analysis of speech in phonetics. It has been designed and continuously developed by Paul Boersma and David Weenink of the University of Amsterdam. It can run on a wide range of operating systems, including various Unix versions, Mac and Microsoft Windows (95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000, XP, Vista). The program also supports speech synthesis, including articulatory synthesis.

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Festival offers a general framework for building speech synthesis systems as well as including examples of various modules. As a whole it offers full text to speech through a number APIs: from shell level, though a Scheme command interpreter, as a C++ library, from Java, and an Emacs interface. Festival is multi-lingual (currently English (British and American), and Spanish) though English is the most advanced.

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FreeTTS is a speech synthesis system written entirely in the JavaTM programming language. It is based upon Flite: a small run-time speech synthesis engine developed at Carnegie Mellon University. Flite is derived from the Festival Speech Synthesis System from the University of Edinburgh and the FestVox project from Carnegie Mellon University.

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The aim of the MBROLA project, initiated by the TCTS Lab of the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons (Belgium), is to obtain a set of speech synthesizers for as many languages as possible, and provide them free for non-commercial applications.