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Best Exercises & Treatments for Spondylolisthesis
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Best Exercises & Treatments for Spondylolisthesis; ..

As previously mentioned, moist heat therapy is useful for increasingcirculation and thereby loosening up the muscle tissue. In the caseof a heated whirlpool, the heat will completely surround the area. Add tothis the jet massaging action of a Jacuzzi and you have a great way to relax themuscles of the back. Waiting to use heat therapy until three days afterthe onset the Spondylolisthesis first occurred will give the swelling achance to go down, as heat increases the inflammation to the muscles.

Best Exercises & Treatments for Spondylolisthesis ..
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Back braces can be necessary when an injury creates instability to the spinalcolumn, as it will protect the back from further injury. Soft back bracescan be useful for support of fatigued muscles and allow temporary relief to theirritated tissue in the initial stage of injury. However, wearing a backbrace for prolonged periods after the area has finished with the initial healingstage can also weaken the back musculature over time, as the muscles will relyon the brace to keep good posture. While too much movement of the back maycause exacerbation of the Spondylolisthesis, completely preventingmovement of the area has been shown to hinder the healing process. Thebest solution is to find a brace that puts pressure directly over the irritatedarea only, thereby protecting the tissue, but also allowing the rest of the backmuscles to still be used. Short term use of a back brace will not causeany weakening of the back muscles. If the muscles are completely not usedfor prolonged periods they will weaken over time. To avoid this, once theinjury has healed sufficiently enough, use a back brace only to support the backduring any activity that requires protection for the spine. It can benoted that the use of a brace while sleeping should not cause the muscles toweaken, but many patients find that overusing the brace can become irritating tothe skin underneath. Most of the patients we survey tell us that usinga back brace which puts direct pressure over the irritated area provides instantrelief. The back brace which we believe accomplishes this the mostproficiently is one of the types depicted below with the patented adjustable airpressure bladder incorporated in the belt. It also offers attachable icegel pads for direct ice therapy (see the section for more information on ice therapy).

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Spondylolisthesis will vary in severity. For this reason, please take the time to read about the following information about this condition before you decide what approach to take for helping with treatment and prevention of Spondylolisthesis:

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