The Scientist (Attilio Bondanza, UniSR)

The Offcial Call for a.y. 2018/2019 should be published between May and June, 2018

The Technology Transfer Officer (Paola Pozzi, OSR)

Doctoral students will also be required to complete a minimum of 6 units in their Area of Specialization. The Guiding Committee and the student’s Graduate Advisor will approve the selection of appropriate courses to meet this requirement. Doctoral students are strongly encouraged to present the results of their research in an appropriate seminar setting in ESPM, the College of Natural Resources, or a closely related department on campus.

Annual research expenses (bench costs) are covered by the hosting laboratories.

The Patent Attorney (Simon O’Brien, D&Young IP, London)

status is used in lieu of registration for the semester in which you either file your dissertation or thesis, or take a comprehensive exam. Filing Fee is a non-registered status, which means you are not allowed to use University facilities. The amount of Filing Fee is one-half of the Student Services Fee(formerly the University Registration Fee. The deadline to apply for Filing Fee is the last day of the first week of instruction for the semester you wish to file. Filing Fee period lasts until the last day of the semester. For more information, see Graduate Division web site, .

The Lawyer (Valentina Bonomo, Studio Lombardi, Molinari e Segni, Milano)

received his PhD in Cultural Transformation, Political Economy, and Social Practice at UC Berkeley. He holds a BA in Rhetoric and Communications from UC Davis, and an MA in Education from CSU Sacramento. Charles served as Co-Chair of the Working Group in 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2010-2011.

The ESPM Ph.D. program incorporates two general approaches:

Once a student has formally advanced to candidacy by the Graduate Division, the department is sent an individualized Final Report form. We certify on this report that all coursework for the degree, besides the filing of the dissertation has been completed by the student. This report is signed and returned to the Graduate Division and a copy is kept in the student file.

The Biotech (Claudio Bordignon, MolMed Spa, Milano)

The Graduate Division requires that all doctoral students who have been advanced to candidacy meet annually with at least two members of the Dissertation Committee. The student must complete the online Academic Progress Report annual to collect data on what progress he/she has made toward the degree and what remains to be completed. An electronic copy of the Academic Progress Report is submitted to the Guiding Professor and Graduate Division and must be on file for each year the student has advanced.

The Big Pharma (Pablo Umana to be confirmed, Roche-Glycart, Zurich)

Normative Time is the calendar time, in semesters, recognized by the Graduate Division as the length of time normally needed for completion of the doctoral degree. Normative Time for the ESPM program has been set at ten semesters and is calculated for each student from the first semester of enrollment as a graduate student. As of September 2003, following successful completion of the Qualifying Exams, graduate students with parenting demands will be granted an extension of up to one extra year toward Normative Time completion. Extensions for parent considerations cannot exceed two years overall, no matter the number of children involved.

The Course will be 12 hours long, on two consecutive days.

The dissertation is an extensive, original work based on the student’s independent research. In developing the dissertation problem, keep in mind that each member of the Dissertation Committee is required to make an independent evaluation of the quality and adequacy of the work. Though working most closely with the chairperson, the candidate is responsible for keeping the other members of the committee fully informed as to the nature and progress of the research. The Graduate Division requires an annual online Academic Progress Report be submitted by the student and a member of the Dissertation Committee. The final draft of the dissertation must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the Graduate Division instructions. (see: )