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Given a sequence consisting of parentheses, determine whether the expression is balanced.

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Alternatively, we can generate a string of balanced parentheses within a pair of balanced parentheses, which must result in a string of balanced parentheses.

We can replace P with epsilon, in which case we have generated the empty string (which does have balanced parentheses).

Balanced parenthesis check using stack implementation …

In , if you are checking for balanced parentheses ina script, you can display which parenthesis matches the one you haveselected by deleting it and reinserting it. Emacs will blink thecursor on the matching parentheses.

Alternatively, we can concatenate two strings of balanced parentheses, which again must result in a string of balanced parentheses.

The grammar for balanced parentheses given earlier is an example of an ambiguous grammar: We can prove this grammar is ambiguous by demonstrating two parse trees for the same terminal string.

Suppose I have a very huge file and I want to check if parenthesis are balanced