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In addition to the high quality of teaching Canadian schools provide students with a nurturing environment through student services and pedagogical services such as; counselling, academic and professional advisers, community involvement, second language support, special needs learning, tutorial sessions and extracurricular activities.

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Canada is a bilingual country, a community of immigrants and a world leader in English and French language training. A wide variety of programs will improve your fluency and capacity for further study, personal development or business training.

Canada’s elementary and secondary schools follow a government curriculum and employ government certified teachers, ensuring a high level of quality and a focus on individual student needs. This successful environment is highly acclaimed as school students excel in science, reading, and mathematics: Canadian students have consistently been among the top 5 academic performers in the world and number 1 among English speaking countries according to the studies in reading, mathematics and science. Students may choose from public or private school options.

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in addition, there existed a third cycle, comprising phd degrees (doctorado, which included one or two years of research oriented courses and the completion of a thesis towards the same doctor diploma). pontifical universities such as the pontifical gregorian university, pontifical salesian university, pontifical university of saint thomas aquinas, angelicum in rome, university of saint mary of the lake in mundelein, il, the catholic university of america in washington, dc, and regis college in toronto, canada all confer such degrees. degree of licentiate of theology (lth) is a theological qualification commonly awarded for ordinands and laymen studying theology in the united kingdom, malta, canada, australia and new zealand. they are required to write a thesis and/or do an intership and/or develop a research project in order to graduate.

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