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The Autonomy and Navigation Technology (ANT) Center is a forward-looking research center seeking to identify and solve tomorrow's most challenging navigation and autonomous and cooperative control problems. The ANT Center's goal is to develop navigation technology that ensures we can navigate anywhere, anytime, using anything. The ANT Center focuses on three research thrusts: autonomous and cooperative systems, non-GPS precision navigation, and robust GPS navigation/NAVWAR. Under Air Force Research Laboratory sponsorship, the ANT Center designed and built a GPS-based relative navigation system that determines cm-level relative positions between two flying aircraft. The Center also developed autonomous formation flight control algorithms and successfully flew the entire system at the USAF Test Pilot School, accomplishing the first fully autonomous precision formation flight appropriate for aerial refueling.

technologies have led to the development of mobile autonomous platforms for ..

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The conference will be held in Stuttgart alongside , the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to new vehicle development and testing, and in conjunction with Autonomous Vehicle International magazine, which features nothing but the latest and next-generation thinking and technologies for
driverless vehicles.