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Audrey Tomason uses the term, "Apocalypse Equation," (google it)for her thesis. She says that the sustainable population of the planet can only be 1.5 billion humans. The UN puts the world population at 7 billion now. That means that four of every five people must be killed in order to save this world. She argues that since the collapse of civilization is inevitable, that world leaders should consider mass genocide to reduce the population to a more sustainable level.

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But, for those who do not accredit the Bible or God in their lives, what might such people do to correct such a problem which threatens the life of our planet? One young woman wrote a Master’s Thesis which accurately describes the world plight and which offers a rational correction. Her name is Audrey Tomason. She is currently (2010) Obama’s Chief of Counterterrorism. She wrote her thesis while attending Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Ms. Tomason suggests that it would be more humane for our world to undergo a rather than continue on course which would result in the ending of all life on the planet.

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A recent internet news article ) suggests that Ms. Tomason’s "Apocalypse Equation" now appears to be the accepted paradigm of world leaders who see no other option if the earth is to survive. The news article says that Obama recently told Russian President Medvedev that the time for the feared "Apocalypse Equation" might be now rather than later.

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