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MS Thesis, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

Franklin was denied admittance to graduate school by Auburn University because he graduated from ASU, which lacked accreditation. ASU lost its accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1961, months before Franklin’s graduation because of underfunding by the state, according to Franklin.

Designing sustainable landscapes in the Southeastern United States [dissertation].

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Jen Pequignot is a PhD student concentrating in US history since 1865 under the supervision of Dr. Ruth Crocker and Dr. David Carter. She has minor fields in US history to 1865, working with Dr. Kelly Kennington, and in women and gender history with Dr. Tiffany Sippial. Jen earned her BA from (history) in 2008 and her MA from (history) in 2010. Her research interests focus on gender, visual culture, and consumer culture. Jen's current research explores the ways in which De Beers diamond engagement ring advertisements both reflected and prescribed gender roles for middle-class Americans from 1939 through the 1980s.

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John Mohr is a PhD candidate with a focus on the history of technology. He received his BA in history and German language and culture from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. John is working on the history of the automobile with Dr. David Lucsko. He is primarily interested in automobile manufacturing in the United States, but he has also written on industrial policy, marketing strategy, business history, and consumer advocacy.

Apply for Phd in ” Material Science and Engg. ” for fall 2015 in the following universities:

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I wish to do PhD in Material Science and Engineering (specifically in nanomaterials – characterization and synthesis) Fall 2014. I have studied few materials subjects during my undergrad and graduate degrees. Your opinions and helping nature for admission seekers have to be appreciated. I have applied to the following universities and waiting for their reply.

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MNGT 8330 SEMINAR IN STRATEGY FORMULATION (3) LEC. 3. Departmental approval. Review of the major theoretical perspectives and the empirical literature supporting the research field of strategic management with an emphasis on strategy formulation.

Two must be members of the Auburn University graduate faculty.

I have GRE Score of 290 (Q: 147 V: 143: AWA: 2.0) TOEFL score of 85. I want to pursue Ph.D in Biological Sciences. I have graduation in Biotechnology with GPA: 3.75 and Post graduation with GPA: 3.25. I have plus 6 years of research experience in the field. can you suggest me universities.

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MNGT 8410 ADVANCED QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT II (3) LEC. 3. Pr. . Departmental approval. Introduction to multivariate techniques in business research. Study of the theory and applications of ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, Discriminate Analysis & Polytomous Logistic Regression.

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MNGT 4997 HONORS THESIS (1-3) LEC. Pr. Honors College. Directed honors thesis research. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours.