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The meat of.      use AstroSynthesis, (includes textures)) 3.8 Deep Space Addons.

AstroSynthesis 3.0 - NBOS Software

Use AstroSynthesis, NBOS's revolutionary star mapping.
AstroSynthesis v3.0 (UPGRADE) - This is an upgrade edition for owners of previous versions of AstroSynthesis.

Fractal Mapper v8.0; FM Symbol Pack 1: Campaign World; AstroSynthesis v3.0.

AstroSynthesis 3.0 The Universe is endless..

The long version: A commenter here (thanks, Schutze!) pointed out that I’d made an error in the location of the brown dwarf WISE J1049-5319, which I previously placed at the start of the French and Chinese Arms. It turned out that I had used the Co-ordinate Converter from my Stellar Mapping page to calculate the location of that one system, but I’d forgotten to convert from the Galactic XYZ co-ordinates that it outputs into the Astrosynthesis XYZ format – so it ended up in the wrong place since everything around it was (correctly) in Astrosynthesis XYZ co-ordinates. There shouldn’t be any more errors like that in the maps – I’m pretty sure that was the only system for which I could have used the Galactic co-ordinates since everything else was converted using the Bulk Converter spreadsheet (which explicitly has Astrosynthesis XYZ columns that I copy the values from).

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NBOS Software soon enters the space age with "AstroSynthesis", a revolutionary new 3D star mapping system for gamers, authors, and space buffs.
The universe is in 3D, so why map it in 2D?

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Warehouse 23 - AstroSynthesis v3.0 (UPGRADE)

System Generator shareware, freeware, demos: Solar System Generator by Armin D Sykes, Solarex - Travel.
What's new in this version: Version 6 include astrosynthesis 3 keygen updates, LiteCam also rob papen albino 3.0.2 keygen Draw-on-Screen, groups.
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Warehouse 23 - AstroSynthesis v3.0

AstroSynthesis is not free, Gliese 3.0 Within 5 Parsecs.
Free Download and information on Document workflow - We need to know what document workflow is.

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This section Star system created with AstroSynthesis 3.0 by Ed Diana / NBOS Software Space station from Future Armada Argos III station by Ryan Wolfe.
Nbos Software OS.

Astrosynthesis. 300 likes. Synthesis of Astrology and Psychology

NBOS Software - software innovation in role-playing - Innovative software for the adventure gaming industry.
Another product from NBOS is AstroSynthesis, a “revolutionary new star mapping system for sci-fi gamers, Commercial Software for Writers — No Comments.
We’ve been working on the new version of the Cosmographer They include one of the neat new features of Cosmographer 3: the link with NBOS’ AstroSynthesis.
Inspiration Pad Pro Mobile Web App AstroSynthesis - 3D star mapping for Sci-Fi gamers and authors NBOS Software.

The stellar data is visualised using Astrosynthesis 3.0, ..

AstroSynthesis; Download PDF to Word; NetSpot.
AstroSynthesis v3.0; The Keep v2.0; Free Stuff; Character Sheet Designer 2.0; Inspiration Pad Pro 3.0; ScreenMonkey 1.8; Service Register Your Software.
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Fractal Terrains 3 and AstroSynthesis v3.0

Support for Inspiration Pad Pro 3.0 generators: AstroSynthesis.
Star Wraith Generator shareware, AstroSynthesis also includes a powerful star system generator to help you Post Office Barcodes Generator v.
The stellar data is visualised using Astrosynthesis 3.0, published by NBOS, which is available for from DrivethruRPG and RPGNow.
The minimum version of Java supported is 1.6.x as of SQuirreL version 3.0.