changes in climate and the solar-astronomical cycles goes back ..

 and . Biography of Milankovitch and details on his theory of climate change.

I will call the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis

In August 1975, at the climate conference of the World Meteorological Organization in Norwich, the spectral characteristics of two time series independently built – one in geology and one in astronomy – were compared, for the first time in the history of climate investigation. The joint efforts of Hays, Imbrie, and Shackleton (published in full in Science, December 1976) demonstrated that geologic spectra contain substantial variance components at many frequencies similar to those obtained by Berger from astronomical computations (published in Nature, January 1977).

. A data base including climate change models related to solar changes and the Earth’s orbit.

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A common characteristic of many of the documented millennial climate fluctuations is their good match with solar activity changes, as well as a North Atlantic climate record by Bond et al.

A second, alternative hypothesis is of “force N” for the notch and “force D” for the delayed force causing the other three manifestations.

These significant correlations suggest a solar influence on the frequency of hydroclimate extremes in central Europe. Similar configurations of atmospheric circulation during periods of increased flood frequency and reduced solar activity, as expected to be caused by the so-called solar top-down mechanism by model studies, might indicate that the observed solar activity–flood frequency linkage is related to this feedback.

. A guide to climate change, with an extensive section devoted to the Milankovitch Theory and cycles.

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I think El Nino is most likely to blame for the heat waves in South Africa as it changes weather patterns globally. South Africa tends to get warmer and dryer in a strong El Nino year like 2015 starting after your spring.

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Question: I live in So. California and have noticed that about every 20 years we have heavy rains that cause flooding, in that cycle period I’ve also noticed extremely hot periods. “is it possible the global warming is a direct result of this lunar cycle?”

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I rationalize why this behavior hasn’t been noticed in the past but then realize that Richard Lindzen is the grandfather of the current QBO theories and models. He has a pretty poor track record of getting things right, i.e. see his failed “iris cloud” hypothesis among others. He also seems to be an argumentative contrarian who won’t easily let go of his own ideas. These types tend to bully their peers into submission.

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. A discussion of how the Milankovitch cycles may play a lesser role in global climate change, serving only to reinforce and enhance current patterns.

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Currently we are suffering heat waves in Southern Africa which are ascribed to Global warming, however, the moon is very close to the earth at present. Could this be an alternative explanation for the abnormally hot weather and shortage of rain?

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The Ice Chronicles: The Quest to Understand Global Climate Change - The study of glacial changes from ice cores to form a record of past climate changes.