(sometimes called Arduengo carbenes), ..

Arduengo and co-workers reported the synthesis of the first air-stable carbene, ..
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T. Gans-Eichler, D. Gudat, M. Nieger, "Zinn-Analoga von 'Arduengo-Carbenen': Synthese von 1,3,2-Diazastannolen und Transfer von Sn-Atomen zwischen einem 1,3,2-Diazastannol und einem Diazadien", 2002,, 1966-1969.

The advent of nucleophilic singlet carbenes in organic synthesis has been premised on the seminal work of Wanzlick and Arduengo
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Anthony Joseph Arduengo III is the Saxon Professor of Chemistry at ..

Thisconjecture was disproved in 1995 by Arduengo's group, who obtaineda derivative without that double bond.The thermodynamical stability in this compound, and the role ofsteric protection in preventing dimerisation, has been a topic ofsome dispute..In 1996, Alder and others synthesized the first acyclicpersistent carbene,thus showing that a cyclic backbone was not necessary for theirstability.

05/03/2004 · Titanocene and zirconocene complexes of a phosphorus analog of an Arduengo's carbene: Application in the synthesis of 1,3-diphosphafulvenes
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Arduengo reported thesynthesis of a stable, isolated, crystalline carbene.Persistent carbenes are still fairly reactive substances, andmany will undergo , sometimes reversibly.Persistent carbenes can exist in the or the , withthe singlet state carbenes being more stable.

Definitions of Persistent carbene, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Persistent carbene, ..
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