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The Architecture Department recognizes the difficulty of attempting to predict the future of a rapidly changing profession in a rapidly changing society. In addition, it acknowledges the need for architecture to continually reflect upon its current ideas and modes of practice, and to develop new ideas and directions in accordance with ongoing social, cultural, and technological developments. The Department does not, therefore, promote any single idea about the discipline, any idiosyncratic design method, nor a single design “style.” Instead, it seeks to nurture the development of future leaders of the architectural profession by fostering the development of a plurality of new ideas about the future of the architectural discipline, as well as new approaches and techniques by which to realize that future. The fifth-year thesis therefore combines a critical assessment of architecture’s current values and practices, a proposition for a valuable new idea or direction for architecture, research of existing discourse and precedents in support of this idea, and a demonstration of the value of this idea in the form of a thesis design project. It is a form of architectural inquiry and production that differs from previous design studios in its expectation that the resulting design project embody a critical position about the architectural discipline itself. As such, it is structured to be both a reflective culmination of an initial period of study of the architectural discipline as well as the beginning of a consequential future within the architectural profession. The diversity of design and research pursued during the fifth-year thesis is united by the requirement that each thesis project demonstrate the integration of architectural theory, principles, and practice with creative, organizational and technical abilities in architectural design and design research.

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The Fifth-Year Design Program consists of Arch 481 Senior Architectural Design Project (5 units) that is taken during Fall, Winter and Spring quarters and Arch 492 Senior Design Thesis (3 units) that is taken during Fall quarter.

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GradShow 2014: A showcase of thesis projects and portfolios from undergraduate and graduate Architecture, Construction Management and Digital Media Arts students from NewSchool of Architecture & Design and Media Design School. Over 140 projects were on display to the San Diego community featuring large-scale renderings, models and digital media.

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Projects Review is the culmination of the year’s work at the Architectural Association, showcasing student work from across the school, from Foundation to PhD online, on page, on the wall and in the gallery. Bedford Square.

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1. Live build community projects for architectural learning. 2. Young designers: alternative routes into practice. 3. Building with communities: the role of the architect / participation and empowerment.