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Versatile spell caster allows use to use two spells of one level to cast a higher level spell. The FAQ has cleared this for casting spells of a level higher than you currently have access to. The requirements include the ability to cast spontaneously which is covered by the dread necromancer level. The wizard can therefore use two level 4 spell slots to memorize draconic polymorph (level 5) which can be made persistent. Persistent spell can be applied using the Illurian word of power with dread necromancer rebuke undead. Polymorph will grant you the type and more importantly the subtype of your new form. The otherworldly feat can be used in play of the half-fiend level if it is available. The outsider type cannot be gained through use of a low LA outsider race, unless you can find one that has wizard as a favored casting class. There are regional feats to add one arcane spell casting class to your list of favored classes, but if you have access to these you can probably access otherworldly.« Last Edit: November 14, 2010, 08:18:59 PM by Widow » LoggedWidowBi-Curious George

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slot (8 with the Arcane Thesis feat)

After I finished a draft of this essay in the spring of 2001, I emailed a link to it to some JFK assassination researchers, to get their feedback. The next thing I knew, somebody kicked it into a JFK assassination forum and then an Apollo Hoax forum became aware of my work and invited me to submit it to them. That led to some rewarding exchanges. Regarding the lack of athletic feats performed on the Moon, I lamented that although Neil Armstrong said that he leapt up to the third stair of the LM when leaving the lunar surface, the best record we had was Young’s mundane jump-salute. replied that it might have been possible to see Armstrong’s leap in the film. I got the footage, looked at it, and Jay was right. I still find it amazing that the footage of Armstrong’s leap was never mentioned in all the long years of debates. I must have seen it live in 1969, as did many millions of other people, but it was a forgotten feat. That evidence sealed it for me. Neil Armstrong performed that leap on the Moon.

You also gain a second bonus of the Arcane Thesis feat on any other spell you choose

Sometimes you fight, but you still love eachother, and you have learned the art of pissing your lover off in a way that will make them return loving you even more. Select a single creature that you have the Star-Crossed Lover's feat with, You can choose to make an intimidate check against that ally as a swift action. If successful, your percentage on your friendship chart decreases by -1%, however for their next attack, that person gains a bonus to damage equal to the base damage the person who used this feat would deal. This also applies if your next attack is a spell or technique. If it has multiple attacks or rays, it applies only to the first one.

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When casting that spell, you do so at +2 caster level

The idea here is to be a full cleric/wizard and a FoP. We are going to use the usual Other Worldly/ritual of alignment for entry to FoP. Afterwards we are going to enter the Eldrich Master PrC from dragon mag #280. It does not progress spell casting, but grants a bonus spell slot 1 level higher than you can currently cast and bonus metamagic feat at level 3. Add this slot to cleric to pick up level 2 spells. Then at level 4 it lets you add a spell list from another casting class to your exsisting spell casting classes. These spells are all cast as arcane spells regardless of how the spells are usually cast. That means you cleric is now both an arcane and divine casting class. Use Mystic Theurge then to double progress the class. You end up with 9th level spells cast off of one stat and set of spells slots, but come from both the cleric list and another list of your choice (probably wizard). Use Arcane thesis for orb of force of another spell of choice to get free still and silent spell added for free.

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Contents and Introduction Table of ContentsIntroduction
What You Need to PlayChapter 1: New Classes
New Starting Packages
Beguiler Spell List
Dragon Shaman
Ex-KnightsChapter 2: Expanded Classes
New Starting Packages
Favored Soul
WizardChapter 3: New Feats
General Feats
Ceremony Feats
Combat Form Feats
Divine Feats
Heritage Feats
Metamagic Feats
Tactical FeatsChapter 4: New Spells
Dual-School Spells
The Polymorph SubschoolChapter 5: Building Your Identity
Character Background
Farm Hand
Noble Scion
Tribal Origin
Personality Archetypes
Simple Soul
Personality Traits
Being a Good Player at the Table
Managing the Paperwork
Rolling Conventions
Respect the Spotlight
Other Concerns
Talk About Your Character
Chapter 6: The Adventuring Group
Party Backgrounds
Childhood Friendship
Building the Party
Adventuring Party Basics
Being a Team Player
Teamwork Benefits
What is a Teamwork Benefit?
The Team Roster
Teamwork Benefit Descriptions
Camp Routine
Circle of Blades
Crowded Charge
Cunning Ambush
Cunning Ambush, Improved
Expert Mountaineers
Foe Hunting
Group Trance
Indirect Fire
Like a Rock
Massed Charge
Missile Volley
Steadfast Resolve
Superior Team Effort
Team Melee Tactics
Team Rush
Team Shield Maneuver
Wall of SteelChapter 7: Affiliations
Broadening Your Game
The Two Categories of Affiliations
Why Join an Affiliation?
Membership Has Its Privileges
Features of Affiliations
Making Affiliations Dynamic
Example Affiliations
Bloodfist Tribe
Brightmantle Weapon Forge and Trading Consortium
Caravan of Shadows
Castle Mairo
The Chalice
Darkspire College of Thaun
Dragon Island
Elves of the High Forest
The Golden Helm Guild
The Land of Honor
Merata Kon
The One and the Five
Restenford Guild of Insurers, Solicitors, and Beggars
Restenford Sewerworkers Guild
Sharulhensa, the Alabaster Towers
Sun Fane
The Thunder Sail Argosy
Wintervein Dwarves
Creating Your Own Affiliations
Example of PlayChapter 8: Rebuilding Your Character
Class Feature Retraining
Feat Retraining
Language Retraining
Skill Retraining
Spell or Power Retraining
Substitution Level Retraining
Ability Score Rebuilding
Class Level Rebuilding
Race Rebuilding
Template Rebuilding
Rebuild Quests
Rebuild Quests in the Game
The Gates of Dawn (Levels 6-8)
The Necrotic Cradle (Levels 13-15)
Appendix: Quick PC and NPC Creation