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For Arc the Lad: End of Darkness on the PlayStation 2, Synthesis Components FAQ by Takir.

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The collection also features the documentary disc , which includes exclusive interviews withVictor Ireland, the president of atthat time. It comes with a leather-bound, 150-page, full-colorinstruction booklet. It also includes the Omake(O-Ma-kay)Box (Omakeis the Japanese word for extra). The Omake Box features cardboardminiature standees of all 22 characters, four covers—one of Arc, one of Elc, one of Alec and one of the Arcthe Lad emblem—and a case featuring Arc's face.

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The games form a with a continuous story throughout each. Although Arc is theprimary protagonist, each game features a new lead character.Arc the Lad sets the stage for the next two games andfollows Arc and Kukuru as they discover a plot to restore the DarkOne. Arc the Lad II introduces Elc, a young Hunter thatbecomes tangled in the plot and eventually joins the battle againstthe Dark One. Arc the Lad III features Alec, a youngHunter with a mysterious past.

Arc the Lad Collection is acompilation of the RPG games for the . The games were localized byWorking Designs, which closed in December 2005. Plans to localizethe games had been fostered by Working Designs since the late1990s, however it wasn't till the new millennium that the planscame to fruition. The releases of Lunar: Silver Star StoryComplete, and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, knownfor the quality of not only the localization but also the qualityof the packaging itself, preceded Arc the Lad.

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Continuing the compilation is Arc Arena: MonsterTournament. This builds on the concept of data transfer andallows players to trade items and weapons with other players byimporting their respective saved games. Monsters, who can becaptured and controlled in Arc the Lad II, can also be used in thisgame to fight tournament-style matches. Arc the Lad III,which was released on October 28, 1999, is the last game featuredin the collection. This game features an updated battle andgraphics system, while using similar gameplay from the previousgames.