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Students are challenged to demonstrate that photosynthesis and respiration occur in lakes. They begin by attempting to demonstrate that photosynthesis and respiration can be measured in lab microcosms. Students need to choose a water quality measure(s) to analyze in laboratory microcosms. They should begin by researching the effects that respiration can have on water temperature, pH, CO2, and DO, using the "Understanding" portion of the WOW website. They should choose a measure(s) that they feel correlates strongly to photosynthesis and . Students should write a procedural plan for testing their hypothesis.

coli Promotion of Photosynthesis in ChloroplastThe effects of the intensity of light on the rate of photosynthesis in plants.

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Ask students to describe how to use the following equipment to analyze their specimens and demonstrate the levels of pH that might occur naturally due to photosynthesis and respiration by aquatic plants and animals.

Prove that increased leaf starch increases the process of photosynthesis in the green plantDo Photosynthesis and Growth Rate Affect Stomatal Density?

The Effects of pH Levels and Phosphorous on the Photosynthesis Process of Aquatic PlantsStudy the coniferous spruce tree (Picea glauca as the species of choice) by measuring its lateral and sub-lateral branch angles in order to see how it collects sunlight from various angles on its south-facing side.

Students gain experience conducting the following procedures using an aquatic plant in a closed system:

Aquatic Photosynthesis: Second Edition

How do students' results relate to acid deposition? Are their measurements consistent with levels that might occur naturally due to photosynthesis and respiration by aquatic plants and animals? Did their experimental design plan work? What suggestion do they have for researchers completing a similar study?

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Ask students to share possible explanations for their experimental results. Do the results indicate photosynthesis and/or respiration? Compare results of different student groups. What might account for similarities or differences among results?

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Repeat this Experiment:

In another experiment, Ingenhousz, placed a small green aquatic plant in a transparent container of water and exposed the container to bright sunlight.

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Students will need to write a procedural plan for using WOW data to demonstrate that photosynthesis and respiration occur in a lake. The plan should be detailed enough for others to follow.

The basic reaction of aquatic photosynthesis remains:

The Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide Levels on the Transpiratoin Rates of Zonal Geranium PlantsHow Does the Introduction of NaF Affect the Rate of Photosynthesis in Isolated Chloroplasts?

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Review students’ knowledge of pH in lakes. Would pH change by depth? How? Would changes vary by season? Why? How might the microcosm study relate to lakes? What pH levels might occur naturally due to photosynthesis and respiration by aquatic plants and animals?