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If you forget a document, make sure you can cram it into the last paragraph

The same basic requirements for the thesis apply here as they do in all essays. Remember to provide a road map for the reader to tell where your essay is going. Specify the topic and set the stage by highlighting the time period, location, and context. Create sentences that tell the reader exactly what groupings you will discuss in your body paragraphs to answer all parts of the question (should be a preview of your topic sentences).
Also offer any overarching analysis that could support the topic and groupings And depending on the prompt, analysis may or may not be possible so simply make sure to answer the core of the question.)

Use the standard topic, middle, and conclusion set up, with 3 to 7 sentences for the middle.

writing the document based question for the AP World History exam.

the grouping you have chosen to use) and be able to tie this back to the thesis statement and be clear. Use the documents and be sure to put the ideas of the documents into your own words and explain how they answer the question. You should be able to analyze a document to support the thesis, identify its POV, and highlight its significance—all without quoting it.

This analysis of context may serve as a way for students to group documents, as they highlight similarities or differences in perspective among the documents.

As part of the document-based question exercise, students will be asked to explain the need for an additional type of document(s) to answer the question more completely, and this may involve discussing what relevant points of view are missing from the set of documents.

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Though many still wear clothing made from cloth
woven on handlooms, large numbers of handloom weavers have been abandoning their looms.

The local textile industry owes its very existence, promotion, and growth to the enterprising spirit of native bankers and investors, who invest large capital as shareholders, investors, and financiers.

Source: Data from “Industrialization and the Status of Women in
Japan,” dissertation, 1973.

India and Japan, selected years

India Japan
Year Percent (%) Year Percent (%)

1909 22.1 1920 80.0
1924 21.6 1925 80.6
1934 18.9 1930 80.6

Source: Photo from an official company history, Nichibo cotton
mill, Japan, 1920s.

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Because the central task in this particular document-based question is comparative and asks for both similarities and differences, acceptable thesis statements also need to be
comparative, stating at least one similarity and at least one difference.

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Acceptable thesis statements also need to be explicit, not simply restatements of the question or vague statements such as “there were more similarities than differences.” The central task in the document-based question changes from year to year, but acceptable thesis statements each year must reflect the question’s central task.

A good response would analyze the documents by making multiple groupings around coherent patterns of the characteristics of mechanization in Japan and India, both in terms of similarities and differences.