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Summary of the population-specific QTL detected by Composite Interval Mapping for grain yield (GY) and anthesis-silking interval (ASI) for 18 maize populations evaluated under managed water stressed (WS) and well-watered (WW) environments.

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Altered expression of maize PLASTOCHRON enhances biomass and seed political essay contest Most of the hybrids had negative mid parent heterosis for plant height except for P P P P P P P P P P P P and P xP

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All QTL identified in individual populations were projected on the consensus map separately for GY and ASI first, and then for the combined QTL results of both traits (Additional file ). The analysis of the combined traits increased the number of QTL per chromosome from a range of 4-17 to a range of 8-27. The statistical power via single trait-analysis and combined traits analyses was the same (data not shown). The meta-analysis sharply reduced the total number of QTL from 183 to 68 mQTL, compared to individual populations (Figure ). Nine of these mQTL were specific to ASI, 15 to GY, and the remaining 44 were common to both GY and ASI (Figures and ). Table and Additional file present information about each mQTL, including chromosomal position, genetic and physical confidence interval, R2, flanking markers, and number of candidate genes in the interval. Eight of the 68 mQTL were associated either with ASI (5 mQTL) or both ASI and GY (3 mQTL) under water stressed environments only. The other 28 mQTL were detected both under stressed and optimum environments and the remaining 32 mQTL were associated with GY, ASI or both traits under optimum environments only.

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Additive effect accounted for the most of variance for DTT days to tassel DTS days to silk and DTA days to anthesis while additive by additive effect

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