which showed anterolisthesis at C7-T1, so he then ordered an MRI

A postero-anterior myelogram showed complete block of the contrast medium at C7/T1 (Figure 3 ).

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The T1 spinous process indicated nonunion of a “clay-shoveler's” fracture, which suggested that his cervico-thoracic spine had been frequently moved, and thus severe arthrosis had occurred in the facet joints.

2012 Grade 1 anterolisthesis is seen at C4/5 and at C7/T1

In the sagittal planes of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the spinal cord at C7/T1 showed swelling with a slightly higher signal intensity region on the T2-weighted images in the median slice, although no compressive factors were detected.

Computed tomographic myelography clearly indicated a spinal cord deformity in an antero-posterior direction and severe arthrosis with bony spur formation from the bilateral C7/T1 facet joints growing into the spinal canal, which was right side dominant (Figure 4 ).

This is basically another term for spondylolisthesis

The cervicothoracic spine, from which these muscles originated, was also used over and over again everyday, which might have caused the severe spondylotic change in the C7/T1 facet joints.

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C4-C5: The Please Help with my Spinal MRI Results - Spinal Cord Disorders Dec 11, 2012 Grade 1 anterolisthesis is seen at C4/5 and at C7/T1.

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Clinical History: A 22 year-old man presents with right-sided back pain which radiates to his right hip and leg. His symptoms began while running. (1a) T1- and (1b) T2-weighted sagittal and (1c) T2-weighted axial images of the lumbar spine are provided. What are the findings? What is your diagnosis?