ECG Signal Compression Using Analysis by Synthesis ..

Analysis by synthesis ECG signal compression.
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ECG Signal Compression Techniques for Data Storage …

67. Cohen, A. and Poluta, M., "Compression of ECG Signals by Means of Waveform Quantization", Proc. of the 16th Int. Conf. Eng. in Med. and Bio.
Kyoto, Japan, 1991. (Abstract)

Y. Zigel,
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"ECG Signal Compression Using Analysis by ..

This paper presents an efficient ECG signals compression techniques using a 2D DWT coefficient thresholding and its design implementation of an efficient JPEG2000 encoder that employs the Distributed Arithmetic (DA) technique for the complex computation of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT). 2D approaches exploit the fact that redundancy of ECG signal occurs between adjacent beats and adjacent samples. Cut and aligned error signal to form 2D matrix, then 2D matrix is transformed. Ultimately wavelet coefficients are segmented into groups and thresholded. DA-DWT is used for reducing the complex computations, which can increase the speed and throughput as well. Architecture is based on the principles of pipelining and parallelism to obtain the optimal speed and throughput. Architecture is simple, modular and cascadable for computing a DA-DWT. This technique is faster when ROM table in on chip memory and memory size is reduced by splitting ROM table . The description and functionalities of the design is modeled by Verilog HDL. The simulation and synthesis methodology are used to target it on Virtex-II Pro FPGA (xc4v1x25-12sf363) that consumes 6% resources of FPGA and shows the clock frequency 310. 207 MHz by DA-DWT using Sym20. Experiments on selected records from MIT-BIH arrhythmia database revealed that the proposed design is significantly more efficient.

M. J. Burke, M. Nasor, Erratum: Wavelet Based Analysis and Characterization of the ECG Signal, , 28, (5), 2004, p227 - 227
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To reduce the amount of data and preserve necessary signal quality for multichannel data transmission in many applications such as meteorology, or telemedicine, a new technique called WSAT is presented. The proposed technique is designed to deal with the large amount of multichannel data for transmission, and real-time analysis. The proposed approach has exact control on the bit rate in order to achieve the required quality. For different applications, the proposed method is tested. For telemedicine, the method is employed on selected records from the MIT-BIH arrhythmia database. For meteorology, climate data from Nevada climate change database is utilized. From the obtained results, it is concluded that the proposed technique is an appropriate approach to simultaneously compress multichannel data with significant low compressed data rate at low error. As an example, APRD values for multichannel ECG compression is mostly less than 5% which is recommended by the American Heart Association for routine visual readings of compressed and reconstructed ECG signals.

M. J. Burke, M. Nasor., Wavelet Based Analysis and Characterization of the ECG Signal, , 28, (2), 2004, p47-55
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ECG signal compression using analysis by synthesis ..

Research Interests: Digital signal processing, biomedical signal processing, speech and audio signal processing, statistical pattern recognition, speaker recognition, speech recognition, compression and coding of digital signals, algorithm development.

Analysis by Synthesis ECG Signal Compression.

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Analysis of EZW compression scheme applied for ECG signal

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Analysis of EZW compression scheme applied for ECG signal ..

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and Kats, A., “Analysis by Synthesis ECG Signal Compression”, ..

Let jJ⊆Z be the level index in multi-resolution decomposition, signal domain Vj and detail domain Wj at level j. Under this framework, define signal analysis operator , detail analysis operator , synthesis operator , or signal synthesis operator and detail synthesis operator , respectively. According to pyramid condition, if on Vj+1, the original signal could be perfectly reconstructed by and id denoted the identity operator.