Your master s thesis must comply with certain formatting guidelines.

All students must earn their MA degree within 10 years of starting MAPSS.

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Students following the thesis option are required to submit a thesis, which is a written summary of their independent research. The thesis is expected to include a clear statement of the topic, identification of the particular issues to be investigated, a literature review, an explanation of the procedures followed, and an analysis and discussion of the research findings. Each student writing a thesis must have a thesis committee composed of at least three faculty members, one of whom serves as Chair of the committee and must be from the Department of Linguistics. The thesis must be submitted to a public oral examination by the student's committee. The six credit hours used for the thesis work may be taken in one semester or divided across more than one semester but should coincide with the terms in which the student is actually working on the thesis project. Detailed information regarding the thesis may be found in Thesis Policies and Guidelines, copies of which are available in the department.

You can also get an idea of MAPSS MA thesis topics by looking at the .

UCL theses should be submitted in the following format.

8. Submit the prospectus to the with the signed by all members of the reading committee (see the calendar of deadlines). You will receive a final grade of (Credit) or (No Credit). ENGL 6098 is a three-credit class, but your grade will not be computed mathematically into your overall graduate GPA. You may not take an incomplete in ENGL 6098. If you decide to abandon the thesis after completing and earning credit for ENGL 6098, this course will not count toward your degree; you will have to take the six remaining hours of graduate classwork required for MA Degree Plan 2.

The finished thesis must conform to format, standards, Department of English.

12. As soon as you have made all revisions to the thesis required by your reading committee, you will generate the . Once having generated this form, you will not have to worry about it any further; it will be sent automatically to your director and will then automatically accompany the thesis through the various electronic submissions. Follow the submission steps in the required order: (a) Submit the abstract of your thesis electronically to the CHSS Dean's Office for approval. (b) Submit the completed thesis electronically to the library for final review. (c) After making any final revisions required by the library, submit the thesis electronically to the library for binding. The library will forward the completed thesis to the university press for binding and will contact you with instructions regarding costs for printing and binding. For submission deadlines and links, s

The preliminary pages should be numbered with lower-case Roman numerals.

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Formatting/filing the thesis: Students must follow the university protocols and timetable. There are formatting workshops offered every semester announced via the listserv, and there is a deadline for filing the thesis, usually the last day of class.

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11. Complete the thesis to your readers’ satisfaction and the work by the stated deadline for the semester during which you plan to graduate. (.) It is the responsibility of the candidate and his or her director to establish the thesis date and time and to coordinate the event with the other readers. About a week before the oral defense, send the the following information for the thesis defense form: (1) the date and time of the defense (2) the official title of the thesis, as you would like it to appear on your graduate transcript (3) the names of the committee members. The graduate director will provide the defense form to your thesis director.

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The first link explains registration procedures. You must register for 3 credits of ARTH 799 during your first semester of thesis preparation. Then, should you not complete it, you register for an additional credit in the coming semester. Only 3 credits of 799 may count toward the degree. In addition, should you be VERY close, but need just a little more time (i.e. about 3 weeks), there is a less-expensive special registration with a deadline very early in the following semester. Nicole Roth, the graduate coordinator can help you with this registration.

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Thesis adviser/second reader: In addition to the thesis adviser the student should have a second reader. This faculty member reads the completed (and adviser-approved) draft and makes additional suggestions for revision.

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4. With your director, decide upon the other two graduate faculty members of the reading committee. In exceptional cases, one of the readers may be a member of another department.