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Robust processes for learning, change and action research

Paper 57 Bob Dick (2004) Action research literature: themes andtrends. , 2(4), 425-444. An invited reviewof recent action research literature. Not included. May bepurchased from .

, in which I draw together thecharacteristics of robust processes previously identified, and in someinstances extend them further

When I began to plan the thesis I read much of my earlier writingto identify some themes. It becameevident that much of my writing was about the design and facilitation ofprocesses for learning, change and research. Further, for 30 years now I've been interested in processeswhich were robust -- easy to use, and quite resistant to failure even in thehands of novices.

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BobDick (1986) Self and others. An extract from Bob Dick, . A jointpublication of Interchange and the University of Queensland Bookshop. [368 KB]

Action Research on Student and Pupil Absenteeism in School

In a Living Educational Theory approach to research and a human existence, individuals hold their lives to account by producing accounts of their living-educational theories; that is ‘explanations of their educational influences in their own learning, the learning of others and the learning of social formations, in enquiries of the kind, 'How am I improving what I am doing?'’

A Living Theory researcher can use methods and draw insights from a range of other methodologies and theories, such as Action Research, Narrative Enquiry, Self-Study, Participatory Research, Autoethnography, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Critical Theory and Case Study, as well as various quantitative methods.

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BobDick and Tim Dalmau (1992) Discussing the undiscussable: improving groupeffectiveness and openness. Paper presented at the Second World Congress onAction Learning, University of Queensland, 1992. [88 KB]

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BobDick and Tim Dalmau (1992) Discussing the undiscussable: workbook. Experientialworkshop presented at the Second World Congress on Action Learning, Universityof Queensland, 1992. [168 KB]

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They are clarified as they emerge in the course of researching questions such as, ‘How am I improving what I am doing?’ They form the explanatory principles and standards by which improvements in both practice and knowledge-creation are judged.

The approach stresses the importance of extending the influence of these ontological and relational values and understandings in explanations of educational influence.