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Prosthetics were perhaps Berlin's busiest industry after the carnage of the Great War.

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Aimee Mullins didn’t just win the race. In her first attempt she broke the national 100 meter record by three hundredths of a second. Leaving, she’d already decided to become the world’s fastest women on prostheses.

Also, I am a below the knee amputee and weigh myself with my prosthesis on.

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He said the motivation behind his work at FitSocket is far broader than prosthetics. It’s about the science of supporting or attaching objects to the human body, which he believes is poised to be revolutionized by technologies like FitSocket and 3-D printing.

Even though it weighs considerably less than real tissue, is the weight of the prosthesis included in the automatic adjustment?

20 minutes before the starting pistol, Aimee first gets to see the other sprinters’ trial times. Track two: 12.8 seconds. Track three: 12.3. Track four: 12.2. All are more than two seconds faster than the national record on prostheses that Aimee set during trials.

So your calculated healthy body weight range will not include your below the knee limb weight nor your prosthesis.

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Growing up in Pennsylvania, Aimee never met another amputee. She refused to use crutches or a wheelchair, and competed with the other pupils in skiing as well as softball on her plaster prostheses. She says she quickly learned that she wasn’t one of the herd.

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But then I remember that the person I’m waiting for broke the world record for sprinting on a pair of prostheses modelled on the back legs of a cheetah.

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“Having both legs amputated is unusual, and I’d always been a headache for the prosthetic technicians. Those with one leg left can have a prothesis modelled after it. Everything: length, weight, foot-gradient. With me there was nothing to follow. But what was a headache for a prosthetics maker became a challenge for an engineer.”

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An amputee veteran would arrive at his work place in the factory, hook up the remaining part of his limb to the prosthesis, which in turn would be linked to one of the industrial machines in the factory.

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His idea of a proper prosthesis was something functional and efficient, an exchangeable and mass producible replacement device that would fit with the human body.

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“I thought: If I’m going to be the fastest woman on prostheses in the world, why are we looking at human legs with calves and feet? Why aren’t we looking at what runs fastest – the cheetah?”