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Ultrasound-powered prosthetic allows amputee to play the piano

The Champ Program (Child Amputee) provides funding coverage for all child amputees registered under the age of 18 years. This program is fairly flexible and understands the needs of children; both in growth needs and recreation needs. They will provide funding for a variety of prosthetic requests with prior approval.

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This program is for amputees registered as adults and provides limited funding every 3 or more years towards a new prosthesis only. This program does not provide funding assistance for supplies or repairs.

The War Amps has a local branch here in Vancouver that also provides funding assistance for amputees that are registered with the War Amps. Although I am unsure of the exact guidelines for funding, it seems so far as though they take each application on a case by case basis and ore not restricted to funding of new prostheses only as they have assisted clients with costs for repairs and supplies as well in the past.