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This can only be used when you havesome acid and some conjugate base in your solution.
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It doesn't seem to have any effect

If you only have acid, then you must do a pure Ka problem and if you only have base (like when the titration is complete) then you must do a Kb problem.

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High Nitrates Hello, I know there have been questions likethis but I am confused. I have had 120 gallon freshwatertank running for over 2 years. It is a community fishtank. I have usually tested my water once a month or so andregularly done water changes at least once a month of20-40%. I have never had any problems with Ammonia, PH,Nitrate or Nitrite as I try to add things gradually. I havea sand bottom, a Magnum 350 canister filter, and a whisper powerfilter. I am considering adding another canister but wantedto change the substrate and see if the whisper and magnum would beenough first. About 2 weeks ago things started to gowrong. I performed a water change, 25-30% and I added somegravel (20lbs) and some water clarifier (Tetra brand Ithink). I added a few more fish (4 guppies, red tail shark,and 3 mollies) over the course or 2 weeks. I have beenwatching for any ammonia and not detecting any. Suddenly my Nitratesare going out of control (over 160ppm). I performed a 50%water change and repeated the test the next night and still over160ppm. What can cause such a high spike with no detectable ammonia,and what should I do to reduce this? I did also check my tapwater to make sure there are no detectable Nitrates. I amgoing to keep trying water changes, but was not sure if there wasanything else that could be done. I have had about 8-10 guppies die inthe past week and a half, and also 2 of my 4 clown loaches that I havehad for almost 2 years, and don't want to keep killing fish. Thankyou for any help or suggestions, Jason

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High Nitrates in a FW Tank Thank you for directing me to DrTim's website. That and a few other articles I have had time toread has cleared up many of my questions. I look forward to readingmore. I changed 30% of my water and rinsed out the filtercartridges, All stayed the same except Nitrite is now 3.0 instead of5.0 and Nitrate is still 40 (typo earlier in that I wrote 4 instead of40). Should there have been more of a change? I plan to change30% again in 2 days. I noticed a couple of brown spots on my Anachariscan this be causing any problems? Also I forgot to mention I do haveduckweed up top, it covers a 1/4th of the surface. Is there a better Ich treatment than what I used?

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Nitrate Problems Hello, I have a 55 gal.. tank with a TigerOscar (approx. 6 in.), Pleco (4 in.) and 3 red fin barbs... things havebeen fine until a couple days ago when I did a water check and thenitrate levels are high. I just did a 50% water change andadded the water conditioner and the levels still are high (nitrate NO3is 20, and nitrate NO2 is 3.0). Please tell me what I needto do ASAP so that I can get this under control. I alsonoticed that the Oscar looks like he has been scrapping himself upagainst things (he has marks on his body). Thank you.

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Getting High Nitrates Down 12/26/05 Thanks Chuck.I'm still slightly surprised as I do have live plants, change wateronce a week, vacuum the gravel once a week and rinse out the sponge inthe tank water. I think I need more plants! Is there a link to a DIYway to check the nitrate level? I live in a smaller city in China so I may not have access tosome type of kit. Thanks again

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Re: Black Fur Algae (Cyanobacteria in a planted aquarium) Ihave been reading the faq's on algae control and still don'tsee a specific answer to getting rid of "black furalgae". This stuff started appearing on my 40 galfreshwater tank about 2 months ago and now is blooming on all my broadleaf plants as well as the surrounding rocks. I am verycareful on feeding quantities ( mostly flakes twice daily andoccasional frozen brine). I would really like to get thisunder control. It isn't all that unattractive in limited amountsbut it's obvious that it's currently out ofcontrol. I am reducing the amount of light daily and onlyfeeding flake food currently. Please advise withspecifics if you can it would be greatlyappreciated. Thanks, Bud Palmer Portland, Oregonand the associated (linked, in blue, at top) FAQs file. This is a toughform/group of "algae" (actually bacteria) to beat, but can bedone over a period of time with the stated steps, approaches. BobFenner>