- Peter Harrison, Air Fuel Synthesis

automotive fuel (reformulated in Australia to be low in aromatics to minimize misuse)

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The LANL technical document offers an incomplete understanding of the economics of the proposal. It does not make clear its assumptions of the costs of nuclear power, which is chronically underestimated. A scientist would include a basic energy balance analysis. What is the total energy input to produce a gallon of gasoline from air and water? Without knowing that, it is just entertainment.


Recycling of above ground carbon is good. It will permit the oceans to naturally reduce atmospheric CO2. Given the advent of air-fuel technology and previously developed thermal depolymerization process () and the like, we should no longer think of carbon-based fuel as the boogey man of global warming. Rather we need to consider whether the fuel is derived from an above-ground (good) or below-ground (bad) feedstock. Eventually the world will need to regulate the extraction of below ground feedstock (oil,coal and natural gas) to the limit at which the oceans can naturally absorb CO2.

Saying, as you do in your post, that biofuels have “scant, if any, environmental benefits” may be an enormous bit of understatement at this point. The lead author of one of the studies referenced in Elisabeth Rosenthal’s recent article says in a policy brief that “…switching from gasoline to corn ethanol doubles greenhouse gas emissions for every mile driven.” This is because of the conversion of forest, grassland and often wetland for cultivation of biofuel feedstocks, and the attendant loss of carbon sequestration potential thereby.

for hydrogen synthesis and as a waste product of the fuel ..

The invention I mentioned in a previous blog, that I had sent to John Holdren, includes the possibility if using encased uranium as a passive charge for batteries and for the entire mechanism.
The Cassini Project, a space exploration satellite, used 74 pounds of encased plutonium to power its batteries. There was some consternation about this in case it crashed into Earth while attempting to fling off the gravitational field on its way to the outer planets. The power source is long lasting and clean as long as it stays encased. It was deemed better then solar since the solar array might become damaged and the farther it got from the sun less energy was available.
Sometimes it’s difficult being a laymen. If I say uranium encased in ceramics, sort of predisposed of, that could charge batteries for long periods of time, decades. it is difficult to know what that would entail, whether it would be safe, whether there would be ramifications. But in discussing it with an engineer who had nuclear power plant experience in England he concurred that it might very well be better then the way Uranium is being used today in nuclear power plants.
There is the possibility that it could be used in cars or other types of transportation, my NMTD, but that would be powered either naturally, with solar added or some other way.
As far as removing CO2 from the atmosphere, forests and the oceans have done a good job of that for millions of years and now that is not so true due to the abuse they have suffered.
Perhaps there will be discovered a way to attract CO2 artificially and put it to some use.

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We would get a lot more bang from just using the electricity their system requires to directly power vehicles than using that electricity to make a liquid fuel. They don’t give the details of their system, so it is hard to analyze, but my guess is that one could drive 8 times farther on the electricity they use compared to the liquid fuel they produce.

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There will likely always be a need for liquid fuels for heavy transport outside of the rail network, and this may be a good source of that. But if we are going to build nukes anyway, does it still make sense to do this or to electrify the bulk of our transportation? Reducing CO2 to liquid fuel may well be worth doing (it’s certainly worth researching), but whether it makes sense in the larger picture needs to be discussed.