How to add search box in thesis theme navigation bar

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see Add Search Form to Thesis ..

If I want to add Google Search blog not this Search box. How to do that ? I also want to know how we can add FeedBurner feed count in Nav Menu ?

I’am pretty sure that i did all your instruction but my search box is unclickable. Any know how it happen and how to solve this problem?

How to add search box in Thesis navigation bar.

I think , you want to add google custom search box in navigation. ok. i will come with a post about that shortly. And for feedburner count button also.

How do you add a search box if you have 2 navigation boxes? I want to add a search box to my second (top) navigation menu.

hacking the core and changing and changing the search box value is easy but while upgrading it may cause some problems.
I am also ting the way to change the search box value without hacking the core…. I think Google custom search is better than thesis search.. That gives more relevant results for search query than thesis search box…

These codes didn’t work for me. I did get a search box, but the code also created a duplicate navigation bar.

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Is there a way to add facebook and twitter follow in addition to the subscribe to rss feed in the navigation menu? I’ve been searching everywhere and cannot find this. Thanks in advance!

How To: Add a feedburner count in Thesis navigation bar

I was able to follow your tutorial to add the search box to the nav bar. I needed to do some adjusting of the top margin to make the search box align with the other tabs. But once I figured that out I am very pleased. Thanks!

Displaying search bar in navigation bar ..

I, too, followed the instructions precisely and the search box is not clickable. Only difference is where I placed the navigation (below instead of above header). Thoughts?

// Add search controller's search bar to our view and bring it to ..

Hi Pascal — was unable to use the code for a Google CSE (left comment on that post), so am trying this one. I use a minimalist design, and need just the search box without any border styles. When I remove the border styles from your code, the nav bottom border does not continue under the Search box. Can you suggest how to fix this?

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Thesis users or upcoming thesis users, in this Video tutorial I am going to show, How to add search box in Thesis navigation bar. Mostly bloggers put search box in sidebar. Why? Because it is by default available as a widget in wordpress. So they are just putting in sidebar only. But in thesis have option to put your search box anywhere in your site. So lot of people like to put search box in navigation bar. So I write about, How to add search box in Thesis navigation bar.

How to add a search icon (and box) in the navigation …

Please help! If you go on and look at the search box. I can’t get it completely into the nav menu. When I change the width to put it into nav menu it doesn’t become visible because of color. How do i fix this?