LED Light Spectrum 101: Absorption spectra | …

LED Light Spectrum 101: Absorption ..

The action spectrum, absorptance and quantum yield …

For green plants, including algae, the action spectrum shows that most
photosynthetic activity takes place in blue-violet and orange-red
lights since these are the colours which are mostly absorbed by the
main chlorophylls and the carotenoids.

Action spectra for photosynthesis and spectral scalar ..

An absorption spectrum is a graph showing the percentage of light absorbed by pigments within the chloroplast, for each wavelength of light. An example is the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll a and b. The best absorption is seen with violet-blue light. There is also good absorption with red-orange light. However most of the green-yellow light is reflected and therefore not absorbed. This wavelength of light shows the least absorption.


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We can see how different wavelengths of light affect photosynthesis by
looking at action spectra.