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Abstract/Résumé : Most recordings of Aleut dialects made by Waldemar Jochelson during his field work in the early 20th century were transcribed and translated by Knut Bergsland and Moses Dirks in the 1990 book. Among the wax cylinders, only three of them containing the recordings of the Attuan dialect remained untranscribed for a variety of reasons. Initially, Dirks and the presenter intended to continue work on these recordings together with John Golodoff, the last speaker of Attuan. However, when John Golodoff passed away some years ago, Dirks and the presenter undertook the task of transcribing with no support from living speakers of Attuan. The paper presents the results of the joint work of Moses Dirks and the presenter on these recordings. I am going to provide a short history of the recordings, to tell about the difficulties of the transcription work that was done, as well as to touch upon the structural features of the narratives, and upon the styles of the outstanding Aleut story-tellers.

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Abstract/Résumé : This paper is drawn from my M.A. thesis, and explores the relationship between Inuit art making, knowledge, and the process of cultural continuity or resilience. By drawing on interviews conducted with Inuit art makers in the community of Pangnirtung I argue that through their creative practices, Panniqtuumiut and other Inuit artists are actively involved in the production and transmission of Inuit knowledge, an action that supports the process of cultural resilience. Specifically, this occurs as knowledge is materialized in works of art, circulated, and transmitted/interpreted. This paper explores a critical approach to the interpretation of works of Inuit art, and the place of Inuit voice in that process.
I argue that it is in the process of interpreting an art work that Inuit cultural resilience can be acted on. Contrary to the notion that Inuit voices can be heard directly through a work of art, these voices are always mediated by the interpretive process. To reclaim representation and control over the production of knowledge, it is essential that Inuit voices take the lead in the interpretation of Inuit art.

(1994)Popular/post-feminism and popular literature. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

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From this, , such as: (a) EF training appears to transfer, but the transfer is narrow. People improve on the skills they practice and that transfers to other contexts where those same skills are needed, but people only improve on what they practice. To get diverse benefits, diverse skills must be practiced. (b) Whether EF gains are seen depends on the way an activity is done. Thus it’s critical to look at what actually happens in a program; programs nominally the same can obtain markedly different results because of how the programs were delivered. (c) Those with initially poorest EFs consistently benefit the most (not due to ceiling effects or regression to the mean). Thus early EF training might be an excellent candidate for reducing inequality (because it should improve the EFs of the most needy children most).

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Diamond and colleague’s work with the delayed nonmatching to sample (DNMS) paradigm strongly suggested that the critical late-maturing competence required for normal infants’ success on DNMS is the ability to grasp the relation between stimulus and reward when there is no obvious physical connection between them (Diamond, Churchland et al. 1999; Diamond, Lee, & Hayden 2003; Diamond 2006).

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On each DNMS trial, a new sample object is presented; the subject displaces it to retrieve a reward. After a delay, the sample and a novel object are presented; choice of the novel object is always rewarded. Hence, the subject needs to deduce the rule to always go to the new (non-matching) object.