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After excluding women who engaged in substance abuse prior to their first pregnancy, Elliot Institute researchers found that of the women surveyed, those who aborted their first pregnancy were 3.9 times more likely to engage in subsequent drug or alcohol abuse than those who have never had an abortion. These new findings have a high degree of statistical significance, p

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Researchers who have studied substance abuse have long reported that women are more likely than men to date the onset of alcohol or drug abuse to a particular stressful event or a "definite life situation." It is not surprising, therefore, that numerous studies have found a direct correlation between substance abuse and abortion. Indeed, if there is any agreement among researchers on both sides of the abortion debate, it is the consensus that abortion is, at the very least, "stressful and emotionally difficult for most women."

During in depth interviews with 30 post-abortion women, Speckhard found that 60% admitted to increased alcohol use following their abortion. The majority of the women interviewed specifically attributed their drug or alcohol abuse to stress related to the abortion. Only 10% stated they had already engaged in substance abuse prior to their abortions.

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This study found that for all the women surveyed who were pregnant prior to a history of substance abuse, the rate of post-pregnancy substance abuse rose from 3.8% for women who did not abort to 14.6% for women who did abort their first pregnancy. With 1.6 million abortions per year, of which approximately 870,000 are first time abortions, it is estimated that 500,000 women per year resemble the population of women just described. By using the difference between 14.6% and 3.8%, it is reasonable to project that 54,000 women per year may begin abusing drugs and/or alcohol as a means of dealing with post-abortion stress.

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The first laws against abortion began to be made in Europe in 19th century that soon became quite widespread. While few countries had legalized abortions in the first half of the 20th century, almost two thirds of the women lived in nations that had legalized abortion. Most of the developing nations, with the notable exceptions of China and India, do not have legal abortion. According to the World Health Organization estimates, 95 percent of the unsafe abortions performed each year take place in the developing nations leading to 13 percent of all maternal mortalities (Jones p.944).

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It is likely that the risk of post-abortion substance abuse among women who undergo multiple abortions is even higher than the risk for women who experience only a single abortion. It is also reasonable to predict that post-abortion stress may further aggravate substance abuse problems among women with a prior history of substance abuse. These issues deserve additional attention from researchers.

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Several consequences follow especially when young, unmarried women go for an abortion. There is the fear of negative health consequences in the future and emotional trauma apart from the fear of abortion procedure. However, the fear of social condemnation and moral judgment far outweigh the worry about health consequences. Abortion is perhaps an inevitable consequence of social and cultural constraints impacting upon gender norms. While abortion is seen as empowering women by making the reproductive health accessible to them, it is also seen as causing physical and mental trauma (Liamputtong p.93).