Angel was prominently displayed on the screen in front of her.

Sabrina and Angel were gone for most of the day, leaving together at 8 am.

He selected the footage he had just captured of Angel and Sabrina

A cruel angel's thesis
Will someday fly high from the window
If memories are betrayed by
The overflowing, burning pathos (emotions).

Sabrina pulled the car off the road and Angel ran back inside the house.

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He was beginning to hate Kali, and wished she would just leave already so he could concentrate on getting cameras in place to see more of Angel and the rest of the party.

Angel was off camera, but Kali was front and center admiring the waterfall again.

Angel was gathering the few toys that remained in sellable condition and cleaning up some of the mess that needed immediately attention such as fishing panties out of the hot tub and disposing of the cum drenched leftovers on the porch.

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“I pronounce you cured!” Intoned Angel triumphantly as she handed the patient a goblet of wine and said “Drink this and rest for a moment.” She wandered away for a few moments to refill glasses at the poolside.

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He watched as Angel undressed the patient and slipped a white backless dress onto her which resembled a hospital gown, if hospital gowns were made of slinky satin.

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These ladies are spenders, and they group-think so they are likely to pick one of your styles and make it more popular than the others.” Sabrina continued her money-centric chatter as Angel checked all of the straps and gear for comfort and safety, then gently lifted BinderGirl down the porch step.

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At one point Sabrina cornered Angel and the cop talking together near the sex lube fountain and exacted her revenge against both of them by squirting an entire bottle of black licorice flavored lube into their faces and clothes.

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When they were halfway down the runway, where three cameras could capture the scene, Angel sat down on her butt and tried to use her feet to stop herself from being forcibly pulled forward into the crowd of wild women.

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The crowd broke into nervous laughter at the technical glitch and noticeably loosened up by the time Angel had some soft music going to caress the guests' battered ears.

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“You can see that this model has slits to allow flow through, but not enough access to penetrate the belt with anything, as well as an optional butt plug that inserts itself inside of the wearer to block any other intrusions.” The gleaming plug was firmly in place up Angel